Saturday, 28 February 2009

Rachel's Secret by BJ Hoff

I'd forgotten I'd written a review for this book. Rel reminded me when she emailed to say it had been posted. My goodness...where has my head been? In packing the car and getting my quilt blocks and cutting completed by Wednesday, I'd say! I tell you, I'm so ready to move on to some embroidery!

In any case, my review for Rachel's Secret has been posted at here at Relz Reviewz. I loved BJ's style and the story itself was refreshing in the midst of all the other wonderful stories about the Amish people that I love so well.

I was trying to post a picture of the cover but after about 7 tries I've given up. It kept freezing on me.


Anonymous said...

I love stories of the Amish. I might see if I can this book from the library!


The Tin House said...

OH Tracy, the news tonight is appalling for the next couple of days in Victoria. At least you have the fire plan in place, and I'm guessing school is off again for Tuesday at least. My fingers and everything else are crossed for you and the family.

In Philadelphia a few years ago, we purchased fresh pretzels from an Aamish family at the huge indoor marketplace in the cbd. They were so delicious.

However, it was almost impossible not to try and drink in ( mean "stare" don't you Lisa!) the wonderful differentness of the women who served us. Their handmade traditional clothes, their eyes down humility, their hair covered with hats. I would love to learn more about them and their way of life.

Now, keep us posted because I for one will spend the next few days worrying.

Lisa x

Tracy said...

Glenys if you like Amish stories you will enjoy this one, I'm sure. BJ's writing style is great too, which makes the story easy to enjoy.

Lisa there are so many fiction books written about the Amish these days so if you wanted to indulge yourself and learn more about their way of life you could do it through stories.

And yes, I will keep you posted on our fire situation :) Thank you for caring. It means a lot.