Saturday, 7 February 2009

Burning Hot Saturday

Today is another scorcher where I live. The forecast is for 44C and at 8am when I went to do my grocery shopping it was already in the mid 20's. The Bureau of Meterology has recommended we all stay home and avoid travelling or using the roads and are warning of Ash Wednesday-like conditions. I have asked Dh to stay put rather than go out to his brother's place. I'm not normally too concerned about Total Fire Ban days but this one comes with particularly hot and very dry conditions (low humidity) that just makes me feel a tad on edge.

I remember the Ash Wednesday fires. I was 11 years old and we were home on furlough at the time. The fires were devastating. The property losses and deaths were awful. My Uncle lived two towns away from where I live now and the fires came right to his back door ~ his home ended up being safe. He chose to save the ancestoral family photos and the dog....nothing else LOL.

So today for us means just being home in our nice cool house. We have some friends coming for morning tea. The other Mum suggested meeting in a which I responded "You've got to be kidding, it's going to be 43C and I'm not leaving my house to endure the heat ~ bring the kids to our place where we can all be cool". They live just around the corner in Our Town. So we have fruit, cheese & crackers and Miss Sunshine is making a chocolate at this earlier morning hour.

After they leave I have a Better Homes & Gardens episode to watch from last night and a stack of books nearly as tall as me to delve into. Some are for reviewing and some are just cos Rel loves me and she's enabling my reading habit :) LOL

Bring on the cool change!


Our Red House said...

Wouldn't a cool change with some RAIN be wonderful? No hope for rain here though, I'm afraid. We've had 1 mm so far in 2009.


Out Back said...

47C here today with strong north winds that are picking up lots of dirt.

We are supposed to be travelling to the city today to watch A league soccer, but that might not happen, even though we have already bought the tickets. It is a three hour drive from here.
Temperature was 35C when we went to bed last night.

Stay cool and safe,


Tracy said...

We're meant to get just a little bit of rain overnight, I believe. I hope!

I hate to imagine what it would be like to suffer the temperatures you've had for so long Kate, without cooling. I told Dh the other day I would've just been tempted to check into a hotel or motel.

Left-Handed Housewife said...

I hope you got some rain. I read in the paper this morning about wildfires starting up in Sydney (which may be half a continent away from you--I hope so).

Enjoy your books!


Tina ♥ said...

Oh I do hope things cool down for you soon Tracy. Thinking of you. xx

Our Red House said...

Hi my sweet friend. I just wanted to check up on you and see whether you have been affected by the fires. I hope and pray you are all right.

Kate xxx

Out Back said...

Thinking of you and hoping you are safe.

God Bless,