Monday, 30 November 2009

Monday's Menu and Other Surprises

I woke up at 4am and quickly remembered, with a groan, that it is Monday. Already! And then I realised that this Monday is an exciting one. Our School has Orientation Day, this afternoon. I love Orientation Day. I love seeing new families come, and I am filled with hope that throughout the journey of their children's education they see what lies beneath the outer layer of doing education to the true nature and character of our very unique and precious school. Truly God has given our family a beautiful gift in planting us in that place.

Before I get too sooky, I'll get straight on to my menu. As usual, it has been swapped about between unexpected evenings out so some of last week's meals are getting pushed ahead to this week.

Monday: Chicken with honey & vinegar (a la Maggie Beer)
Tuesday: Chicken with orange and cranberry sauce
Wednesday: Dinner out ~ Miss Mischief's Yr 6 Graduation
Thursday: Pasta with vegie sauce
Friday: BBQ, salad
Saturday: Wraps...chicken, I think
Sunday: Chicken Stroganoff, thanks to Rel's author cooking spots!

* * * * * * * * *

Yesterday I promised to post some links to some very exciting and creative gifty-type ideas. I came across these links from some other blog somewhere out there. Goodness only know how my mouse finds these things sometimes....but the two blogs I discovered because of my mouse-clicking are now bookmarked so as not to lose them!

For free printables, like gift tags, jar toppers, embroidery patterns, note cards and recipe cards....amongst many, many superb items, check out LollyChops. On her sidebar right under her picture, you'll find links to free stuff. She's a very gift lady, and I know you'll find something to suit your printing needs there! Lolly will make even the most craft-challenged people look creative.

The reason I found LollyChops, was because she created the jar labels to go with this Mini Pie In a Jar idea. If you are pastry-making challenged, use bought pastry ~ the pies are so cute you'll be forgiven for not having made your own!

Sunday, 29 November 2009

The Great Dinner Shuffle

Every now and then I really surprise myself. Creativity in the face of spontaneity is perhaps not my strongest trait, and yet I've managed it twice this weekend with nary a ruffled feather in sight. Quite an accomplishment, I assure you.

Last night we had a phone call at 5pm to see if we were free to join some friends for an impromptu evening and dinner together. The chicken roasting the oven and the potatoes Mr Busy had just finished peeling got thrown into the crockpot and off we went. This morning, the chicken, potatoes and juices were all stored separately in the fridge awaiting some grand form of inspiration to befall me. Hmmmmm.

Inspiration, as it happens, came in the form of some friends popping in. The two older kids were out, Mum was on a girls weekend (can I say 'jealous'!!!), and Dad and the two littlies decided a cuppa and fun here was on their menu. I picked the meat off those chicken bones and invited the friends to stay. The spuds got oiled and baked, the chicken became a breacrumb-topped creamy casserole, all served with vegies. The tummies at the table were suitably filled and I suspect the tastebuds were quite happy too. Clean plates from children is quite an indicator! The look on Dad's face was thanks enough ~ a homecooked meal with vegies when his wife is away: priceless.

In between all that, we lunched with very special friends while our matching pair of daughters had a thing to do at church together.

I think a night of stitching whilst tucked under a quilt as heavy grey clouds pass overhead is the required end to a perfect weekend.

Stay tuned tomorrow ~ I came across some wonderfully creative blogs today and I just know those of you who love pretty printables and kitchen ideas will be as impressed as I was.

Great Aussie Weekend Activity

Yesterday was quite the day for everyone to get out into their gardens. Dh went to fill up his little petrol can twice and was, apparently, in fine manly company at the petrol pump.

Our yard has gone from looking scraggly and unloved to beautiful in one morning. I love watching Mr Busy out there. Under his Daddy's watchful eye, those daisies, that were nearly as tall as he, were bravely cut down to size in a very ordered fashion....mowing in a square from the outside of the yard to the centre. I think it's the only ordered thing he did all day. He spent the rest of his time being quite scatty.

For my part, I napped on the couch....penance for a late night. And then I stitched between dishes and grocery shopping.

We had our first experience with Wii yesterday. Well...not the children, of course. They manage to find ways to play with these things, despite our lack succumbing to leisure technology. Dh and I had our first experience! We had dinner with some friends, who had us flapping our way from buoy to buoy and eventually landing on a boat. At an hour far too late for children, we realised the time and flapped our way home...well...not literally, but I'm sure a little flapping might be considered quite useful in getting up that driveway!

Friday, 27 November 2009

The End Draws Nigh

I'm finding it quite difficult to get my head around the fact that school finishes in a pip over two weeks. I have a full three weeks yet to go, but the last two days is work break time and student free. Always fun!

Today marks the end of two different things at school. Firstly, Tiny Toastmaster's meets for the last time today. Not without a measure of relief for me! There are still a couple of boys that I want to sit with one on one to work through their speeches together. I had recommended to them that they get Mum or Dad's help to prepare so we'll see how they go.

The second thing that comes to and end, hopefully, is finalising VCE textbook distribution. The new books have come in so I'll be working on those today after Toastmasters.

Before I had the chance to wonder how I would spend a glorious Friday to myself, I received a notice from Miss Mischief's class to advise parents that they'll be heading off on a little excursion as a treat after the hard work of presenting their speeches at Graduation night. They require parent help.

Thursday, 26 November 2009

'Stand-in Groom' by Kaye Dacus

My review for 'Stand-in Groom' has been posted at Relz Reviewz. Click here to check it out.

Kaye has perfectly balanced light romance with deeper thought provoking themes. Truly the mark of a gifted writer!

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Bird Brain


After many months of doing very little that has been joyfully creative I have finally found a renewed enthusiasm for something I love to do. It's not that life has slowed down. In fact, this week is shaping up to be far busier than I realised. Yesterday it dawned on me that I had something on every evening this week. No, I think it has more to do with the natural ebb and flow of creative energy. For me, right now, it's flowing.

Above is the first three blocks of my 'Tail Feather's' block of the month quilt. much of the blocks as you can see of it!

I'd gotten so behind in doing a block every month that I finally decided that I should just order all the patterns at once. That way, I'd have them at hand when the bug strikes and I want to plow through...and the lady at the quilt shop would not be muttering about customers being inconsistent and unreliable.

Monday, 23 November 2009

Conceding Defeat....and Menu Plan

I'm finally admitting it. Posting my menu plan on Friday just isn't happening! I don't know why, but it seems that even though I shop on Thursday nights and I'm all set for the next 7 days, I seem to think about posting my plan on Monday so I'm just going to go with that! Perhaps it's that by Monday I can't think of anything to post and a menu plan provides a post that is practically pre-written?

Today I will post retrospectively to catch up a bit and then continue on through to the end of the weekend ahead.

Friday: Sloppy Joe's, potato cubes
Saturday: Homemade Pizza
Sunday: Zucchini, cheese and onion pancakes
Monday: Chicken and rice noodle stir fry, a la Miss Sunshine
Tuesday: Pasta with bacon and mushrooms
Wednesday: Sweet and Sour Pork, rice
Thursday: Ants Climbing Trees (see sidebar for recipe)
Friday: BBQ (sausages and burger patties), potato cubes, salad
Saturday: Crumbed chicken with orange and cranberry sauce, vegies or salad
Sunday: Baked Potatoes, coleslaw, bacon, cheese

I feel a little bit funny about sitting here posting while my daughter slaves over the chopping board. But...well...she wants to do it and learning to cook is an important life skill.

What a shame it's so close to tea time and my Mum's probably cooking....or I'd phone her to chat while I have some time on my hands LOL. Perhaps I'll prepare my next block of the month embroidery pieces so I can start working on those tonight.

Sunday, 22 November 2009

Where to Begin?

I've been deeply invested in my beautiful new Maggie Beer book this past day. We've had a friend's 13yo daughter staying for the weekend and she is now at the point of shaking her head each time I sigh or exclaim over the deliciousness of some new recipe I discover at the turn of every page. Or, indeed, the little gems of information waiting to be discovered by me.

I tried to explain to this lovely 13yo that her mother would be suitably impressed and be inclined to sighing and exclaiming along with me....but this young woman is 13...she hasn't reached the age of appreciating such things yet. She will!

My friend came to collect her daughter late this afternoon and when I showed her the cover she just looked at me. "N-o-o-o-o. Really?" Was her response and then she just had to turn a few pages, herself....before she declared "I am closing the book and stepping away NOW"! Her daughter shook her head again.

I've decided that I want to cook through each season of the book when the season arrives for me. Summer begins in just over a week here, and so by then I hope to have decided what it is I wish to begin with. Will it be roasted red capsicum with goats cheese and olives? Or perhaps red capsicum pate? The section on apricots looked appetising. It might even be possible to delight my family with a main course and a dessert....for no other reason than to celebrate the beginning of appreciating the joys of eating in-season foods more fully.

Saturday, 21 November 2009

Books and Embroidery

What do these two things have in common you might ask? The picture above might give you a clue!

I am now the delighted and ecstatic owner of this hefty volume, filled with beautiful recipes interspersed between Maggie's knowledge and wisdom about working with and eating beautiful seasonal produce.

I have long drooled over the beauty of this book. The cover is embroidered fabric, which drew me immediately. The fact that Maggie Beer is my food hero had much to do with my love of this book too. I love that this book is sectioned into seasons and that by cooking my way through each section I'll be able to take full advantage of things that truly are in season and not just from cold storage somewhere.

When the book first came out two years ago I would sit on the floor next to the shelf it came from, in the bookshop, and sigh longingly over the recipes and read snippets of the text about each ingredient she writes about. What stopped you buying it, I hear you ask. The price. I took the plunge this afternoon with a 30%-off voucher from Borders in my hot little hand. Borders is often the most expensive, but even so, I managed to get the book for around the original new-release price, about $40 less than the current higher price. I should've just done it in the first place, shouldn't I?!

Now the question is, which recipe will I cook first?

picture from

Friday, 20 November 2009

Busy Little Extroverts

My family is significantly weighted in favour of the extroverts. There are three of them...and last night provided a funny little exchange, thanks to a little extroverted boy who can't fathom the idea of staying home with his dad, if there is an opportunity to go out! Especially when it's just 'the boys'. So desperate is he, that even teachers are fair game because of course, they must want to spend time with him after school!

Mr Busy: Dad, can we go to MrsC's house? I haven't spent much time with her lately.
Dh: No son, MrsC probably doesn't want to see her students after school. We can't go to her house.
Mr Busy: What about MissS? She has heaps of lego, we could go and play with her.
Dh: No mate, MissS probably has lots of things to do besides playing with you tonight.

MissS is the Head of Secondary and not one of Mr Busy's teachers. But she is renowned for her Lego collection and ability to play. She rivals the best of the kids in relation to play! And interestingly, Mr Busy had just spent ALL day with MrsC....she is his Thursday teacher!

I also learned today, that Mr Busy has himself quite a reputation. Our receptionist was telling me this afternoon that her Year 11 son pointed Mr Busy out one afternoon saying "who is that kid?". His Mum said "oh that's Mr Busy, he's cool". "Really?" says Mr Yr11 "he followed me around and talked on and on about my bike".

Mr Yr11's mistake? He made eye contact....must've grunted in the right places and that is enough for any 9yo boy to think that he has a new best mate.

The two of them both play the drums. Of course they'd be best mates!

* * * * * * * * * * *

As it happens, I was the fortunate one to spend a large chunk of today in MissS's office working on VCE textbooks and allocating all the second hand ones that I could to next year's students. We chatted a bit amongst the work and I am again impressed with the depth of this young woman's wisdom and her passion for our school. I feel honoured that she feels comfortable sharing what burdens her with me and I have the privilege of lifting her before the God who overcomes all our weaknesses and carries us through our trials.

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Daily Ramblings

You know the school year is coming to an end when class combinations are finalised and specific groupings are being prepared.

I love listening to parents trying to figure out the logistics in regard to numbers, ponder who will teach those classes and then try to figure out who will teach their child. It amuses me for two reasons.....firstly, I suppose, because I rarely have to figure that out. Two years ago I knew exactly which classes my children would be in ~ the girls follow each other one year after another. They are always kept separate. When you only have one Year 3 classroom, guess where your Year 3 child goes?! Next year, for us, is also somewhat pre-determined for the girls. Mr Busy is our only question mark. He'll be fine no matter who ends up teaching him....because our teachers are all amazing in their own individual ways.

The second reason that I am amused is that all the obsessing, wondering and conversation that goes on around this issue really does very little to impact the final result. Apart from a written request parents don't make the decision...the teachers do. At the end of the day the children will be placed in a new class group and hopefully they'll have a great year.

Whatever the outcomes, we'll all find out late next week who will be where so that we can have Orientation Day the following week. That day is always filled with excitement and anticipation.

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

The Dress

The Dress

Miss Mischief and I spent a few hours down the hill at one of the big shopping centres searching out the possibilities for her graduation dress. Graduation will happen on the 1st of December, so time was running out fast!

This was her choice. It needs a little altering...but only just a little. The straps need shortening and the bodice needs to come in a tiny bit down the side seams. Easy done.

We then went to Diva and chose some jewellery. She ended up with a silver chain with about 10 pearls with silver sparkly spacers and some dangle-down earrings (her term!).

I walked away with this cute bracelet that tinkles. The fact that it was pink was a huge bonus.


Miss Mischief just needs some suitable shoes. I need something to wear....I don't mind alternating, but I don't want to wear the same dress as I wore to last year's Year 6 graduation. Something about photos and handing out Toastmaster's just shouldn't wear the same thing!!!! At least, I don't think I should. Something pink to go with that tinkley bracelet might be nice.....

Sunday, 15 November 2009

Kreativ Blogger...from Rel

My very dear friend Rel has bestowed upon me a beautiful award ~ the Kreativ Blogger Award. Unfortunately Blogspot isn't allowing me to post the pretty award that goes along with it. Seems to be the way of things with computes! You'll be able to see Rel's post about it by clicking here.

I'm to list seven favourite things and then pass this on to seven favourite bloggers.

Let's start with my favourite things:
  1. My family ~ a magnificent husband and three beautiful children.
  2. My home in a beautiful little corner of outer Melbourne.
  3. Books...I have piles of them on my TBR shelf! That's what summer holidays are all about for me!
  4. Time with my favourite 3 girlfriends. They are priceless treasures in my life.
  5. Time at my piano.
  6. My job.
  7. Tinkley bracelets. Silly, cheap...but there ya have it!
Course there are lots of other things I love but the thingy said I could only list seven!

As for my favourite Bloggers?
  1. Frances, from Lefthanded Housewife
  2. Kate, from Our Red House
  3. Joy, from Joy's Quilts
  4. Jenny, from Little Jenny Wren
  5. Natalie, from Cinderberry Stitches
  6. Jodie, from Life in the Hills
  7. Anna, from Pleasant View Schoolhouse
As soon as I'm able to I'll have another go at placing that Kreativ Blogger picture here too.

Saturday, 14 November 2009

This Week's Menu

I'm looking outside and seeing very clear blue skies ~ another warm day ahead. I just checked the long range rain forecast too....nothing to be seen in the next 28 days :( Looks like we might need to start watering a little bit. Just the herb garden. Everything else is on its own.

I've not planted any vegies this year. I feel very sad about that, but I want to move the vegie garden closer to the house where I'll remember to get out to it and away from the jumping jacks. We'd like to plant fruit trees where it has been. Perhaps I'll try planting some vegies into self-water pots instead. That way they can stay inside and watered over the worst of the heat in summer. The idea of not having real tomatoes is too tragic to contemplate!

My rhubarb plant, however, is going amazingly! I need to get out and pick some. It dies down each year and then pops up bigger and stronger than last year! Muffins, crumbles and stewed rhubarb will have to be in our future!

I sat down last night and planned out the rest of November's meals. I wanted to put a roast on the plan, but it's getting a bit too warm to do that now.

Friday: Lasagna
Saturday: Out at a dear friend's for dinner
Sunday: Chicken in 'fig bath' (minus the figs I think!)
Monday: Ricotta fritters, salad, jacket potatoes
Tuesday: Chicken wings or drumsticks, rice, stir fried vegies
Wednesday: Gnocchi with roasted tomato sauce
Thursday: Leftover lasagna, salad

I didn't actually get to making lasagna last night. I couldn't shop on Thursday or yesterday and we got home late from school...I was all done in! So I'll make it sometime today and then I'll have two meals in the freezer...after I buy some gluten free lasagna sheets.

Friday, 13 November 2009

Feeling Neglected?

I'm not, but I wondered whether you might think I'm being a little neglectful in my posting. I've been flat-out busy...and the next few Friday's will continue in the same vein, I think, with Toastmaster's on the go. So today's post might just be a lot of little tidbits and catching up on stuff that has been racing through my mind.

  • Miss Mischief won a 'Burnt Toast' award for best speech of the day during Toastmaster's this morning. She did a fine job, if I do say so myself...despite the tears and tantrums over the writing of the speech. I'm so cruel you know, making her change shortened forms like b4, ur and gr8 to the real word. After all, it is a Language activity!!!! It was worth it though ~ her teacher has asked for a copy for next year's educational segments.
  • Last night we had our school association EGM and dinner meeting. That meeting precipitated some healthy and positive discussion around morning cuppa this morning. Too bad I missed huge chunks of it! But I love hearing other parents fired up about their commitment to the school.
  • I had lunch with two beautiful friends from school today. One had a birthday to celebrate and I was celebrating the end and successful completion of my course. We had a lovely time together and then headed back to school ~ me to the stack of VCE textbooks, one to her housework and one to supervise a VCE exam.
  • As I was working for the Head of Secondary this afternoon, we both had a giggle about the fact that I landed in so many of the photos the Principal used in his powerpoint at the EGM. The pictures were just turning over behind him as he spoke....I must've been in about 6 of them. I wondered aloud to the HOS about whether there are photos of other parents doing stuff. Surely there must be!!!!! If not, someone needs to seriously get into finding some photo opportunities with other people as the subject!

Wednesday, 11 November 2009

School Starts Early Too!

In our school, Year 11 and 12's begin their 2010 classes in the next week or two. We still have 5 or so weeks of term left so they get a head start.

Today, next year's Prep's came to give school a little try-out, meet the teacher, do some fun things. Oh my. I'd forgotten how much new little school people need to learn. Not just the academic stuff...but how to sit still, and be quiet when the teacher is talking; how to do what the teacher asks you to do, not just what you want to do; how to put up your hand and wait to be called on. So very much to learn for little people.

I got to meet one particular lad, whose mother thinks I have some amazing teacher-gift. Apparently her son doesn't talk. Well, I had no idea so I just started chatting to him about what he was making with the playdough. He chatted right back. It seems a huge dose of ignorance overcomes a whole bunch of immovable mountains!

And then the kids left and I kind of melted! Our classrooms are hot. The Prep/1 and Year 1/2 teachers both looked exactly like how I felt. I was so hot at lunch time I even had a chocolate paddle pop, leftover from yesterday's staff meeting. My goodness that was good! Ice-cold chocolate....what could be better?

Oh. And we came last in the Primary Christian inter-school sports ... AGAIN. Our children are learning huge lessons about enjoying the journey rather than focusing on success at the end!

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Summer Started Early!

It's only spring, yet we seem to have hit a bit of a warm spell (30-35C this week). Thankfully, we've been able to come home and put the cooling on. Dh seems to think it's leaking a little ~ but it's still cooler than not having it!

I'm not a huge fan of hot summer days...I wilt, the further through the day I go. However, there are a few benefits. Like ice-creams and icy poles at staff meeting to cool us down...well...those of us who don't have air-conditioned rooms and offices to hide in, that is.

I'm not the only one who wilts. MrsB was doing some maths assessment on the Prep's this afternoon, whilst I did alphabet recognition and sight words. MrsB was slowly melting to the dulcet tones of little children counting by numbers over 100. Yes, I'm sure that would be put me in a very sleepy, floppy kind of place too!

Roll on next Sunday when the temperatures will head back down to the low 20's (C).

Monday, 9 November 2009

Parents Partnering with Schools

I attended a Parent Partnership Conference over the weekend. A number of parents from our school went along, as well as from many of the other Christian schools within the movement our school belongs to.

It was a day filled with blessing and profound statements and ideas. The keynote speaker is a teacher I worked with at another Christian school, before I had children. He has a vibrant style and expressed some thought provoking ideas about parenting children in the 21st century and partnering with our Christian schools in that endeavour.

I always come away from these types of events reminded of how very blessed we are to have our children enrolled and attending a dynamic Christian school and enjoying the benefits of the wider school community.

I participated by sharing in one of the six 'parent spots'. I was asked to answer two questions: How does Christian education equip my children for life? and How does partnering with your Christian school involve more that doing 'stuff'? I can't really remember exactly what I said! Something about our children learning to think and discern, not just accept what is taught by society. Something about our children being nurtured as whole people, both their faith and looking at who God intends for them to be and to embrace that person completely.

Then I think I might have said something about scratching beneath the surface of doing things to see why. I'm a 'doer of stuff' it took some thinking about! I decided that it's about supporting one another ~ seeing a need and being there for one another in those times, in practical ways and through prayer. And I think I said something about how we talk about being the body of Christ in churches, and that we do the body of Christ stuff in the context of school.

At the end the facilitator said he thought he might have found the next keynote speaker. I didn't think what I said was all that profound. But then, I merely shared what goes on in my head all the time! I certainly don't think I'm keynote speaker material. N-o-o-o-o....I think God's got quite a ways to go if He has that plan in mind!!!!!

* * * * * * * * * * *
I got my work back from College today ~ all marked and ticked off as 'meets requirements', which I knew. There is a new lecturer in the external studies team and she sent me back a little note congratulating me on my completion of the course and commented that my work has been of a very high standard.

My award (certificate) should arrive sometime soon-ish ~ she applied to have it mailed to me.

And I have left a note for my boss, asking if he would be willing to continue to pay for my study to gain a Cert 4 & Diploma next year. I continue to be excited about the idea of further study. I really have enjoyed what I've done this past year.

Saturday, 7 November 2009

None But Jesus

I had to do Staff Devotions on Thursday morning. I'm getting better, but the act of sitting before such a large group of people, all more learned than I, is quite a challenge. And yet God takes each one of us on a journey that is worthy of sharing.

What I shared with our staff is that I often begin my day at the piano. Usually it will be when I have a moment before dashing off to school. For me, it is part of what I do in meditation on God and who He is in my life. As a musician I gather music from all over the place. "Here Trace, learn this...." and so I have this folder of stuff that I love...and some I avoid LOL.

One of the songs I love is Brooke Fraser's 'None But Jesus'. I love that this song talks about knowing God in the stillness and quiet ~ a place I love to be. But also how God is sovereign in the chaos and confusion of life. In fact, I think I spend more time in the chaos...because life is busy. Even busy in a good way though, is sometimes taxing. Despite this, God gives us the grace and the enabling to do the things He gives each one of us to do. This song talks about all of that.

After I'd talked about all of that I simply played a CD of the song for us to listen to quietly. I can't tell you how many staff came to me afterwards to say how much they appreciated that. And our Chaplain, who works at another Christian school, where I have worked took the CD and the words to use as her devotion for yesterday.

I have no idea how to place the You Tube thingy in this post, so I'm supplying the link, so that you can listen to the song if you want to.

Friday, 6 November 2009


I found a spot at school where my laptop actually connects to the wireless network, so I decided to take a little peek at my College results....just in case they'd been posted. I have officially been deemed 'competent' in all the subjects I have completed, according to my provisional results.


A rather satisfying word.

I may just have to talk to my boss and determine his willingness to continue funding my 'professional development'.

And because we can, tonight we're skipping quiche and salad and going out to celebrate.

The Menu Plan

Can you believe it? It's Friday and I've remembered to post my menu plan.

Actually, I tried to post yesterday, but I discovered two minutes is simply not long enough to gather one's scattered thoughts and put them into words that make sense to anyone else! I wanted to post yesterday because I noticed something very exciting as I was walking in the morning. We've lived in Our Town for exactly five years now and in all that time there has been a house a little closer to the main street that has remained unclad. Oh, it has had the wet-area grade plasterboard on the outside so that the family have had protection from the elements. But as I walked yesterday, I discovered that they are half way up, with proper cladding. If I'm excited for them, I can't imagine how besides themselves that family are. I don't even know them!

I have a pretty flat-out the end of a rather busy few days! Today, instead of having a day off I'm spending time with Miss Mischief's class again, doing Toastmasters. And then I'll spend some time with the Head of Secondary organising and collating the VCE textbook order to be put in later this afternoon.

Tomorrow I'm at a Parent Partnership Conference...and need to get my head around a couple of interview questions. I've been asked to be an interviewee. A little nerve wracking ~ but surely no worse than having to promo Starting Points in church when the DVD didn't work!!!!!

So today, the menu plan is organised ~ one thing I can tick off my to-do list!

Friday: Quiche & salad
BBQ (sausages & lamb chops), coleslaw & potato salad
Sunday: Pork Meatloaf, vegies or salad
Monday: Pasta Salad
Tuesday: Tuna & Pasta
Wednesday: Honey Mustard Chicken, vegies
Thursday: Dh & I are out ~ frozen fish & chips for the kids

Enjoy your Friday everyone!

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Busy Mother's Baking - Anzac Slice

I had wanted to do more baking before we left on Friday, but alas it was not to be. A full-on week with the addition of Toastmaster's with the Year 6's on Friday morning meant I was home barely long enough to get our things together before Dh came home and we began packing the caravan.

In the midst of the last few things he had to do and picking up the children early from school, I managed to get a couple of things baked. Honey Joys are always a good stand-by for this cornflakes eating family.

I also made an Anzac Slice. It comes by many names, but the recipe is so similar to Anzac biscuits that this is what we have ended up calling it.

Anzac Slice

1 cup self raising flour
1 cup white sugar
1 cup rolled oats
1 cup dessicated coconut
125g butter
1 tablespoon golden syrup
1 egg
  1. Preheat oven to 180C/350F and line a slice tin with baking paper.
  2. Combine the dry ingredients in a bowl.
  3. Place the butter and golden syrup in a small saucepan and heat on low until the butter is melted.
  4. Pour the butter mixture and an egg into the dry ingredients and mix well.
  5. Turn the mixture out into the prepared baking pan and spread out evenly.
  6. Bake for about 20-25 minutes or until golden.
  7. Remove from oven and allow to cool in the pan.
  8. Cut into squares and store in an airtight container.
Note to self: Make sure I allow plenty of time for summer camping holiday baking.

Tuesday, 3 November 2009

The Calm Between Storms

We hang between the flurry of swimming pools, Op Shopping trips, eating outdoors and the end of unpacking....and returning to regular life tomorrow. It is a brief interlude ~ one I value with great delight.

My highlight? Op Shopping and snapping up a $3 very classy-looking T-shirt. My second highlight was taking two friends off down to CleanSkin (a kitchenware store) and drooling our way through the entire shop. I also bought the one item I intended to ~ a new wooden chopping board. Did you know the new fandangled bamboo ones can't be washed in hot soapy water. Pffft. Who ever heard of such a ridiculous thing.

Mr Busy has had his customary broken-hearted little cry as he walked in the front door. Poor lad...he really suffers deeply, leaving his friends and all that fun behind. You can't imagine how long he sobs for when we return from our three week holiday!

I've begun a list of things that are a must for the caravan before our summer holiday and I'm feeling a little more motivated to get on with Christmas.

Monday, 2 November 2009

To Race or Not to Race

I've decided Melbourne Cup weekend has the population of our fair city divided into three different but very specific groups of people.

The Race Goers. These people are all into horse races or the fashion that goes with it and wouldn't miss the opportunity to frock up and head out to enjoy a day of picnics and bubbly...pretty dresses, hats and well....lots of fun, I suppose.

The Stay at Hom-ers. These are the people who stay home. They're not interested in horse racing and getting away for a few days, so they stay put. They often even go to work on Monday. Because someone has to keep the city running, after all.

The Out of Town-ers. This is where we fit in. We pack up the caravan, gather up as many fellow campers as possible and take off. We don't go too far...just in case someone has to head back to Melbourne for work....but we have a little four day holiday to get us through to the end of the year and Christmas holidays.

Traditionally, the weather is somewhat iffy at best and downright disgusting at worst. This year Melbourne has weathered pretty bad storms. I got an SMS from my friend Rel on Saturday wondering how we'd managed to get on, given the horrendous weather. We've been fine. A little rain...pretty lightning and plenty of pool time for the kids!!!! The girls are beginning to look like prunes!

I'm off to enjoy what's left of the weekend.....what kind of Melbournian are you?