Saturday, 7 November 2009

None But Jesus

I had to do Staff Devotions on Thursday morning. I'm getting better, but the act of sitting before such a large group of people, all more learned than I, is quite a challenge. And yet God takes each one of us on a journey that is worthy of sharing.

What I shared with our staff is that I often begin my day at the piano. Usually it will be when I have a moment before dashing off to school. For me, it is part of what I do in meditation on God and who He is in my life. As a musician I gather music from all over the place. "Here Trace, learn this...." and so I have this folder of stuff that I love...and some I avoid LOL.

One of the songs I love is Brooke Fraser's 'None But Jesus'. I love that this song talks about knowing God in the stillness and quiet ~ a place I love to be. But also how God is sovereign in the chaos and confusion of life. In fact, I think I spend more time in the chaos...because life is busy. Even busy in a good way though, is sometimes taxing. Despite this, God gives us the grace and the enabling to do the things He gives each one of us to do. This song talks about all of that.

After I'd talked about all of that I simply played a CD of the song for us to listen to quietly. I can't tell you how many staff came to me afterwards to say how much they appreciated that. And our Chaplain, who works at another Christian school, where I have worked took the CD and the words to use as her devotion for yesterday.

I have no idea how to place the You Tube thingy in this post, so I'm supplying the link, so that you can listen to the song if you want to.


Left-Handed Housewife said...

I love the idea of starting each day with a little devotional playing time at the piano (if only I had a piano!). I find in general that music--classical, mostly--is a good way to clear my head in the mornings and relax into the day. I have some particularly spiritual music (like that of composer Arvo Part) that I save for stressful or important times--sometimes listening to music really does make me feel connected to God.


Tracy said...

I tend to collect music that is of a quieter, more sedate style. Rueben Morgan seems to feature highly in my collection!