Friday, 13 November 2009

Feeling Neglected?

I'm not, but I wondered whether you might think I'm being a little neglectful in my posting. I've been flat-out busy...and the next few Friday's will continue in the same vein, I think, with Toastmaster's on the go. So today's post might just be a lot of little tidbits and catching up on stuff that has been racing through my mind.

  • Miss Mischief won a 'Burnt Toast' award for best speech of the day during Toastmaster's this morning. She did a fine job, if I do say so myself...despite the tears and tantrums over the writing of the speech. I'm so cruel you know, making her change shortened forms like b4, ur and gr8 to the real word. After all, it is a Language activity!!!! It was worth it though ~ her teacher has asked for a copy for next year's educational segments.
  • Last night we had our school association EGM and dinner meeting. That meeting precipitated some healthy and positive discussion around morning cuppa this morning. Too bad I missed huge chunks of it! But I love hearing other parents fired up about their commitment to the school.
  • I had lunch with two beautiful friends from school today. One had a birthday to celebrate and I was celebrating the end and successful completion of my course. We had a lovely time together and then headed back to school ~ me to the stack of VCE textbooks, one to her housework and one to supervise a VCE exam.
  • As I was working for the Head of Secondary this afternoon, we both had a giggle about the fact that I landed in so many of the photos the Principal used in his powerpoint at the EGM. The pictures were just turning over behind him as he spoke....I must've been in about 6 of them. I wondered aloud to the HOS about whether there are photos of other parents doing stuff. Surely there must be!!!!! If not, someone needs to seriously get into finding some photo opportunities with other people as the subject!


Left-Handed Housewife said...

Interesting about the photos on the powerpoint ... Possible reasons: 1) You are the only parent who does anything to help out at school; 2) The Head wants others to think there is only one parent who helps out, thus guilt-tripping other parents to volunteer; and/or 3) the Head thinks you're cute! Bet it's number 3 ...


Tracy said...

I can safely rule out #1...because I see lots of other parents doing things. I think #3 is probably out too. Although I always laugh whenever I am in a position to interact our Principal...he's a funny fellow. Well, he strikes my funny bone, anyway.

I think I just have a terrible habit of being on the wrong side of the camera lens!