Thursday, 22 March 2012

Of the Balance Required

I have a fellow education student who is a parent at school who often says to me "I don't know how you do it".  Indeed she's not the only one to express that sentiment.  I think these past two weeks have made me compartmentalise all the areas of my life in very minute ways.  The things I juggle and balance have all been separated out from one another rather than flowing fluidly in and around my days.

For me, the ability to be engaged in all the things I do is about obedience.  It's about knowing what work God has ordained for me to do and setting about the business of doing it within His strength, and there are times when I'm more aware of this than normal.  I think it's a dangerous thing to compare ourselves with others and think that we need to be like others and do what others do.  I think it's also important that we each understand our own strengths and limitations and work to create a positive way to balance the things that God has given us to do.  I think when we sit within the place God wants us to be that balance is easier to find.

This week balance in life has come with planning in small snatches of time rather than a broad sweep approach to the week. Half an hour for a lecture here, a phone call as I walked into a friend's home to make a dr's appointment there.  Brief thoughts of meals and shopping have occurred between writing the other half of an assignment due on Sunday.  Extra hours at work and parent/teacher interviews have been squeezed between preparation for Camp next week and finding time to do my Uni reading and weekly tasks.

This week I've gone slower, more deliberately.  My head still spins on occasion and I'm off to have that reviewed by the doctor today.  But this week when my friend said "I don't know how you do it", I was more aware than ever that aside from obedience I'm not sure that I do "do it".  I think God does it.  This week I think He's done it because I don't think I could all on my own.  In slowing down God has had time to work in the small moments in ways I don't normally take time to notice.

The question of balance then becomes this:  What is the work that God wants you to do?  And then... Are you doing it?

You know what though?  I'm looking forward to life's balance being something that feels second nature again.  Seeing everything through the filter of a dizzy, cottonwool-filled head is somewhat tiring.

Friday, 16 March 2012

Pixie Days

I've been sharing the last couple of days with a very special pixie-girl in the form of my 3yo neice.  She is possibly the cutest little thing on the planet, complete with pink teddies.  Yesterday she came with a treat for me, from her Daddy.  I've decided he's not so evil after all....he'd mentioned fairy floss to Miss Mischief.  We've heard nothing else from her for days!  The california rolls have completely absolved him from that error in his ways.

So my kitchen table has been covered with pinkness and playdough.  A purply pink colour because I know she loves that.  We made mini cupcakes in bright pink patty pans....with purple icing.  Today it will be chocolate for Miss Mischief to share with some friends tonight.

It's nice to share some slow days at home with a purply pink little pixie girl.  The perfect medicine for vertigo recovery.  Which is now all better :)

Tuesday, 13 March 2012

...Still counting....

I had decided I would be well again by today.  It's the last work day of a dear friend and colleague who is now officially on maternity leave.  I was supposed to train another aide today.  Tomorrow the Secondary's are having Pi Day with pies for lunch.  Friday is Open Night.  I was going to be well.

But I'm dizzy.  Constantly.  The side effects of an otherwise undetectable middle ear infection.  The anti-vertigo drug I was prescribed is helping.....a bit. 

So I'm not well.  Not yet.  But I will be very soon.  In the meantime, I am not allowed to drive and Miss Sunshine has scoured through the freezer to see if there is enough to make dinner from.  Pasta with creamy mushroom and bacon is on for tonight.  I wonder what else can come out of the fridge and pantry between now and when it is safe enough to drive again.

Mr Busy is having my pie for lunch tomorrow.  I'll see my friend at her baby shower.  I plan to be well by Friday.  In the meantime, does anyone want an excuse not to do a thing?

Thursday, 8 March 2012

Down for the Count

Above is my current best friend.  The tissue box.  After having a dry, scratchy throat all week I've finally developed a full-blown cold.  Thankfully I don't work on Thursday's so I just slept away the afternoon.  And bought something to stop my nose from running.

Miss Mischief is half way through cooking dinner - roast chicken.  Is that not comfort food for sick people?  I think so.

So...I might feeling like chatting more when I'm feeling better.  Right now I'm just all stuffed up and germy.  Nothing in your head works properly when you feel like that - not even your brain!  I think I sound worse than I feel though.  My boss was not keen to stand too close to me this afternoon!  I can't say I blame him.

You know what the worst thing is?  I've never had a cold this early in the year.  I have this awful feeling I might end up with two this year.  That'll just muck up my one-cold-a-year habit!