Thursday, 8 March 2012

Down for the Count

Above is my current best friend.  The tissue box.  After having a dry, scratchy throat all week I've finally developed a full-blown cold.  Thankfully I don't work on Thursday's so I just slept away the afternoon.  And bought something to stop my nose from running.

Miss Mischief is half way through cooking dinner - roast chicken.  Is that not comfort food for sick people?  I think so.

So...I might feeling like chatting more when I'm feeling better.  Right now I'm just all stuffed up and germy.  Nothing in your head works properly when you feel like that - not even your brain!  I think I sound worse than I feel though.  My boss was not keen to stand too close to me this afternoon!  I can't say I blame him.

You know what the worst thing is?  I've never had a cold this early in the year.  I have this awful feeling I might end up with two this year.  That'll just muck up my one-cold-a-year habit!


Left-Handed Housewife said...

So sorry you're sick--and so happy you have a family that can take care of you! Get well soon, my dear!


Rel said...

I succumbed last week and haven't had a cold in years - it was an odd experience!

Hope you are feeling better today and you have a fabulous weekend xo xo

Tracy said...

Thank you both. I am much better than I was. It seems I've swapped runny noses for dizziness though. I'm just trying not to move too much and keep my head still-ish.