Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Monday Menu Plan: Week Beginning 27th February

Preparing for the week ahead gives me a small sense of calm.  Of knowing where I'm heading and how I might get there.  This week has begun busily - don't they all?!  Miss Mischief is going to be baptised on Sunday during the morning service so I've been madly texting family to let them know, and getting rsvp's back - all very last minute!  Uni started yesterday so I've been wandering quietly through each unit to see what's what.  You can't imagine how excited I was to discover that my 3rd year subject basically finishes half way through the semester, apart from an assignment due at the end.  Third year's will be on teaching rounds so the unit basically stops.

One of the things I'm still figuring out is the best time to menu plan and grocery shop.  I used to do it while Miss Mischief was at Girls' Brigade.  She's no longer doing that and my week has changed from last year as well.  I must confess, shopping as soon as I've dropped the kids off at school is almost dreamy - there's no one there at that time of the morning.  Probably because families in public schools are still dashing about trying to get their kids off to school.

This week's meal plan is looking like it might include:
Monday:  Chicken teriyaki, rice
Tuesday:  Pork & apple hot pot (Nigella Kitchen, p.464)
Wednesday:  Tomato & bacon pasta
Thursday:  Chicken schnitzel, vegies
Friday:  Sloppy Joe's
Saturday:  Looking for inspiration.....?
Sunday:  Chicken & dumpling soup

Even though I don't work on Tuesday's I go to staff meetings after school so I'm trying out a new Nigella recipe that will take a nice slow cook.  I'll get it ready before I go and it will be done when we get home.  I love it when a little bit of organisation becomes my best friend.


Rel said...

Love that about Miss Mischief, Trac :)

Love and hugs xo xo

Tracy said...

It IS very exciting!

Left-Handed Housewife said...

I love first-thing-in-the-morning shopping, too, although sometimes the deli isn't open yet. It's nice to have the store all to myself.

Wonderful news about Miss M!