Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Cabin Fever

Fry's Hut.  Photo credit:

I've had a couple of delicious sounding weekday lunch suggestions - keep them coming!  I'm being inspired already.

Do you ever find yourself oscillating between two places at the same time?  Uni doesn't start til Monday and I'm working one day less per week.  I find myself quite tired - especially after days like today.  I seem to need the extra day to rest.  Yet I'm oh-so bored with the extra day at home.  I feel like I'm being naughty, coming home on a Tuesday morning!  I'm sure the days will soon fill themselves with little effort from me.  And I'll get better at being home more.  For now I'm cooling my heels and watching episodes of The Cosby Show without the children.  Much to their chagrin. 

It seems my youngest brother has a touch of Cabin Fever too.  To combat our combined boredom we're meeting after school drop off and heading into Costco together.  He's on a scouting trip for prices and package sizes.  Me?  Well....he needs someone who's a member to go with him.  I can't deny the man, now can I?  He needs me.  So the two of us and his precious little 3yo pixie-like daughter will take a little drive.  I don't even need anything...except to enjoy the trip.  And the company.  

After all, pixie-like little girls are the most precious things ever.

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