Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Menu Part 2

 photo credit:  allrecipes.asia

The cure for an extra week without Uni?  Menu Planning.  And grocery shopping.  I finally have the week all sorted for meals...and lunches.  The kids will enjoy the addition of salami for lunch variety, I'm sure.  They get so bored with sandwiches.  And I don't blame them - I don't eat sandwiches very often.  My current favourite lunch is an assortment of antipasto bits and pieces.  Homecooked sliced egglant, roasted tomatoes and roasted capsicums with cheese, olives, carrot sticks & hommus with ham...and salami.

This week we're headed into some more warm weather again.  While Miss Sunshine and I are longing for the day that we can rug up, Dh has been doing mini happy-dances about there being more of summer.  I'm just so grateful for cooling that allows me to plan whatever I feel like without worrying about how hot the house will get.  And it will get warmer in here now that Dh has finished cutting back some hedges that were giving a little bit of shade.

Monday:  Roast chicken, vegies
Tuesday:  Pasta bolognaise
Wednesday:  Honey mustard chicken drumsticks, vegies
Thursday:  Nigella's meatloaf, salad
Friday:  Baked potatoes, coleslaw, cheese, bacon
Saturday:  Chicken kebabs, salad
Sunday:  ???

Inspire me - What's your favourite weekday lunch?


inner pickle said...

Homemade baked beans cooked with ham and sourdough toast. Sometimes a poached egg too!

Tracy said...

Ohhh that does sound good. I need to re-investigate good baked beans recipes, don't I?!

Left-Handed Housewife said...

Right now I'm enjoying turkey wraps made with low carb burritos, avocado, lettuce, red onion, and cream cheese. Yum!


Tracy said...

Ooooo that sounds really good too. You ladies are so inspirational!