Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Weekly Menu Plan: Week Beginning 6 February

This week's menu comes belatedly.  I could give you all kinds of excuses, but they would be exactly that.  Excuses.  In any case I was prompted by Dh who asked on behalf of someone else what was for dinner tonight.  It's been a big kitchen week around here with Miss Sunshine making muffins for her VCE Psychology class last night.  I remembered to make playdough for one of my students who needs the sensory input and whose playdough was completely gross.  Lunches, breakfasts and awaiting the arrival of some young friends who are joining us for the weekend mean we are all set to keep giving that poor kitchen a real work out!  In fact, I believe brownies may be necessary to soothe what may be a tumultuous Friday evening.  Not for me....the kids!

Monday:  Chicken & mango curry; rice
Tuesday:  Roast chicken; vegies
Wednesday:  Osso bucco; mashed potato
Thursday:  Asian soup (maybe corn) and dim sims
Friday:  Spaghetti bolognaise
Saturday:  Roast lamb; vegies
Sunday:  I think I may be out of kitchen puff by this point!

My beautiful girls are off to join youth group at our new church on Friday evening.  This is a bit of a new adventure for them (and us) having not been involved in the youth program in our previous church.  It brings us a great deal of joy to see them enthusiastic about getting involved.


Left-Handed Housewife said...

I hope the girls enjoy youth group! I think this is the most important part of Jack's spiritual upbringing right now ... or at least the part he enjoys the most.


Tracy said...

I looking forward to this being the part my girls enjoy the most. It's been a long time coming.