Thursday, 16 February 2012

All in a Week

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I didn't mean to disappear for a whole week, but it has been a long tiring week.  I submitted my final assignment for my summer unit this morning.  It was a frustrating task due to an unclear description.  And it has consumed my thoughts for far too long and now I have a whole four days before semester 1 begins.  A whole four days of ignoring study.  Beautiful.  Despite how lovely it is to have a break from those demands it is somewhat boring at home with nothing much to do.  I'm not very good at being unoccupied anymore.

For meals this week we've had fairly boring sorts of things - chicken stir fry using some frozen vegies I had, roast lamb, chicken and chips...because I just couldn't make myself do any more when I got home yesterday.  Tonight it's meant to be prawn and mango curry.  I suppose I could get the things I missed when I shopped, seeing as how the girls have a pre-camp shopping list for me for the weekend.

I think I need a weekend of other people feeding me, rather than me feeding other people.  No matter how much I enjoy cooking there are just some days when I wish I could be saved from it.


Left-Handed Housewife said...

I love those nights someone else cooks (which usually means ordering pizza)! I don't mind cooking, but it's a treat to skip a night.

Congrats on finishing a big projects. It's always strange when you're done with something you've been working on a long time. I'm always at loss after I'm done with a draft.


Tracy said...

I suspect the effect would be far bigger after turning the draft of a book! It would take way longer than 2-3 weeks of your time.