Sunday, 29 November 2009

The Great Dinner Shuffle

Every now and then I really surprise myself. Creativity in the face of spontaneity is perhaps not my strongest trait, and yet I've managed it twice this weekend with nary a ruffled feather in sight. Quite an accomplishment, I assure you.

Last night we had a phone call at 5pm to see if we were free to join some friends for an impromptu evening and dinner together. The chicken roasting the oven and the potatoes Mr Busy had just finished peeling got thrown into the crockpot and off we went. This morning, the chicken, potatoes and juices were all stored separately in the fridge awaiting some grand form of inspiration to befall me. Hmmmmm.

Inspiration, as it happens, came in the form of some friends popping in. The two older kids were out, Mum was on a girls weekend (can I say 'jealous'!!!), and Dad and the two littlies decided a cuppa and fun here was on their menu. I picked the meat off those chicken bones and invited the friends to stay. The spuds got oiled and baked, the chicken became a breacrumb-topped creamy casserole, all served with vegies. The tummies at the table were suitably filled and I suspect the tastebuds were quite happy too. Clean plates from children is quite an indicator! The look on Dad's face was thanks enough ~ a homecooked meal with vegies when his wife is away: priceless.

In between all that, we lunched with very special friends while our matching pair of daughters had a thing to do at church together.

I think a night of stitching whilst tucked under a quilt as heavy grey clouds pass overhead is the required end to a perfect weekend.

Stay tuned tomorrow ~ I came across some wonderfully creative blogs today and I just know those of you who love pretty printables and kitchen ideas will be as impressed as I was.


Left-Handed Housewife said...

I'm impressed with your spontaneity--that's definitely not one of my gifts. Stitching while tucked under a quilt? Now you're talking!


Tracy said...

It's usually a challenge for me too. I was stunned that I came up with the crockpot idea in a snap. That's normally not my style.

Rel said...

It was great to have you over :)