Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Summer Started Early!

It's only spring, yet we seem to have hit a bit of a warm spell (30-35C this week). Thankfully, we've been able to come home and put the cooling on. Dh seems to think it's leaking a little ~ but it's still cooler than not having it!

I'm not a huge fan of hot summer days...I wilt, the further through the day I go. However, there are a few benefits. Like ice-creams and icy poles at staff meeting to cool us down...well...those of us who don't have air-conditioned rooms and offices to hide in, that is.

I'm not the only one who wilts. MrsB was doing some maths assessment on the Prep's this afternoon, whilst I did alphabet recognition and sight words. MrsB was slowly melting to the dulcet tones of little children counting by ones.....to numbers over 100. Yes, I'm sure that would be put me in a very sleepy, floppy kind of place too!

Roll on next Sunday when the temperatures will head back down to the low 20's (C).


belinda said...

I will admit I have a full force no heat cooking in the kitchen ban running at the moment. Our house is really good at keeping the temperature reasonable but once it's hot.. it stays hot.

Roll on Monday and some nice low overnight temps.

Kind Regards

Tracy said...

Our house gets hot very quickly and then just stays hot. Whoever dreamed up the idea of those wind-out windows was a bit of a dill. They don't let any airflow through.

I have to admit, I'm coping better with my day, knowing that I'll be able to cool the house down quickly.

Left-Handed Housewife said...

Here the cold weather is just beginning to seep in, and since I'm not tired of it (as I will be in February), I'm enjoying it and glad my hot summer days are behind me for this year!