Friday, 27 November 2009

The End Draws Nigh

I'm finding it quite difficult to get my head around the fact that school finishes in a pip over two weeks. I have a full three weeks yet to go, but the last two days is work break time and student free. Always fun!

Today marks the end of two different things at school. Firstly, Tiny Toastmaster's meets for the last time today. Not without a measure of relief for me! There are still a couple of boys that I want to sit with one on one to work through their speeches together. I had recommended to them that they get Mum or Dad's help to prepare so we'll see how they go.

The second thing that comes to and end, hopefully, is finalising VCE textbook distribution. The new books have come in so I'll be working on those today after Toastmasters.

Before I had the chance to wonder how I would spend a glorious Friday to myself, I received a notice from Miss Mischief's class to advise parents that they'll be heading off on a little excursion as a treat after the hard work of presenting their speeches at Graduation night. They require parent help.


Left-Handed Housewife said...

And you're just the parent to help them, I bet!

When school finishes in two weeks, are you out for a long break? Or is it just a bit of a holiday? I'm still not acclimated to your school year!


Tracy said...

It's our long summer break. We will go back to school on the 1st of Feb. Six long beautiful weeks :)