Wednesday, 11 November 2009

School Starts Early Too!

In our school, Year 11 and 12's begin their 2010 classes in the next week or two. We still have 5 or so weeks of term left so they get a head start.

Today, next year's Prep's came to give school a little try-out, meet the teacher, do some fun things. Oh my. I'd forgotten how much new little school people need to learn. Not just the academic stuff...but how to sit still, and be quiet when the teacher is talking; how to do what the teacher asks you to do, not just what you want to do; how to put up your hand and wait to be called on. So very much to learn for little people.

I got to meet one particular lad, whose mother thinks I have some amazing teacher-gift. Apparently her son doesn't talk. Well, I had no idea so I just started chatting to him about what he was making with the playdough. He chatted right back. It seems a huge dose of ignorance overcomes a whole bunch of immovable mountains!

And then the kids left and I kind of melted! Our classrooms are hot. The Prep/1 and Year 1/2 teachers both looked exactly like how I felt. I was so hot at lunch time I even had a chocolate paddle pop, leftover from yesterday's staff meeting. My goodness that was good! Ice-cold chocolate....what could be better?

Oh. And we came last in the Primary Christian inter-school sports ... AGAIN. Our children are learning huge lessons about enjoying the journey rather than focusing on success at the end!


Left-Handed Housewife said...

I think kids probably learn more from coming in last, don't you? Although at the time it doesn't feel that great ...

Love that you got the boy who doesn't talk to talk--must have been because you weren't trying to get him to talk. I bet he can spot adults who are trying to get him to talk a mile away!


Rel said...

Hey dear one ~ I've given you an award :)

And your review is posted - yikes, I think I forgot to tell you that!

Tracy said...

LOL Frances ~ we're at the end of our school year here! So the Year 11 & 12's that are starting 2010 classes are actually beginning a whole new school year early and those students are already at our school.

I did see that you'd posted it ~ I may not comment too much at the moment, but I check in lots! Off to check out the award :)