Saturday, 21 November 2009

Books and Embroidery

What do these two things have in common you might ask? The picture above might give you a clue!

I am now the delighted and ecstatic owner of this hefty volume, filled with beautiful recipes interspersed between Maggie's knowledge and wisdom about working with and eating beautiful seasonal produce.

I have long drooled over the beauty of this book. The cover is embroidered fabric, which drew me immediately. The fact that Maggie Beer is my food hero had much to do with my love of this book too. I love that this book is sectioned into seasons and that by cooking my way through each section I'll be able to take full advantage of things that truly are in season and not just from cold storage somewhere.

When the book first came out two years ago I would sit on the floor next to the shelf it came from, in the bookshop, and sigh longingly over the recipes and read snippets of the text about each ingredient she writes about. What stopped you buying it, I hear you ask. The price. I took the plunge this afternoon with a 30%-off voucher from Borders in my hot little hand. Borders is often the most expensive, but even so, I managed to get the book for around the original new-release price, about $40 less than the current higher price. I should've just done it in the first place, shouldn't I?!

Now the question is, which recipe will I cook first?

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Rel said...

Mmm...sounds like you need some girlfriends to visit and road test some of those recipes. HINT HINT!

Thank you for your sweet encouragement, especially today :)

Tracy said...

I think you're right!!!! After all, to be true to the heart of a woman like Maggie, food is all about the people you share it with.

You're most welcome. I hope you're feeling far more lighthearted about it all now.

Left-Handed Housewife said...

That really is a beautiful-looking book. I'd be afraid to cook with it in the same room for fear of making a mess of it!


Tracy said...

That thought has crossed my mind Frances. Particularly after the kids drowned one of my mini Women's Weekly books. Grrr.