Friday, 6 November 2009

The Menu Plan

Can you believe it? It's Friday and I've remembered to post my menu plan.

Actually, I tried to post yesterday, but I discovered two minutes is simply not long enough to gather one's scattered thoughts and put them into words that make sense to anyone else! I wanted to post yesterday because I noticed something very exciting as I was walking in the morning. We've lived in Our Town for exactly five years now and in all that time there has been a house a little closer to the main street that has remained unclad. Oh, it has had the wet-area grade plasterboard on the outside so that the family have had protection from the elements. But as I walked yesterday, I discovered that they are half way up, with proper cladding. If I'm excited for them, I can't imagine how besides themselves that family are. I don't even know them!

I have a pretty flat-out the end of a rather busy few days! Today, instead of having a day off I'm spending time with Miss Mischief's class again, doing Toastmasters. And then I'll spend some time with the Head of Secondary organising and collating the VCE textbook order to be put in later this afternoon.

Tomorrow I'm at a Parent Partnership Conference...and need to get my head around a couple of interview questions. I've been asked to be an interviewee. A little nerve wracking ~ but surely no worse than having to promo Starting Points in church when the DVD didn't work!!!!!

So today, the menu plan is organised ~ one thing I can tick off my to-do list!

Friday: Quiche & salad
BBQ (sausages & lamb chops), coleslaw & potato salad
Sunday: Pork Meatloaf, vegies or salad
Monday: Pasta Salad
Tuesday: Tuna & Pasta
Wednesday: Honey Mustard Chicken, vegies
Thursday: Dh & I are out ~ frozen fish & chips for the kids

Enjoy your Friday everyone!

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