Saturday, 14 November 2009

This Week's Menu

I'm looking outside and seeing very clear blue skies ~ another warm day ahead. I just checked the long range rain forecast too....nothing to be seen in the next 28 days :( Looks like we might need to start watering a little bit. Just the herb garden. Everything else is on its own.

I've not planted any vegies this year. I feel very sad about that, but I want to move the vegie garden closer to the house where I'll remember to get out to it and away from the jumping jacks. We'd like to plant fruit trees where it has been. Perhaps I'll try planting some vegies into self-water pots instead. That way they can stay inside and watered over the worst of the heat in summer. The idea of not having real tomatoes is too tragic to contemplate!

My rhubarb plant, however, is going amazingly! I need to get out and pick some. It dies down each year and then pops up bigger and stronger than last year! Muffins, crumbles and stewed rhubarb will have to be in our future!

I sat down last night and planned out the rest of November's meals. I wanted to put a roast on the plan, but it's getting a bit too warm to do that now.

Friday: Lasagna
Saturday: Out at a dear friend's for dinner
Sunday: Chicken in 'fig bath' (minus the figs I think!)
Monday: Ricotta fritters, salad, jacket potatoes
Tuesday: Chicken wings or drumsticks, rice, stir fried vegies
Wednesday: Gnocchi with roasted tomato sauce
Thursday: Leftover lasagna, salad

I didn't actually get to making lasagna last night. I couldn't shop on Thursday or yesterday and we got home late from school...I was all done in! So I'll make it sometime today and then I'll have two meals in the freezer...after I buy some gluten free lasagna sheets.


Left-Handed Housewife said...

Oh, you have to have tomatoes! To me, tomatoes are the whole point of summer. I'm glad you have your rhubarb--I love rhubarb pie. Can you grow strawberries where you are, or does it get too hot?


Tracy said...

See..that's why I'm thinking plants in pots might be the go. I adores homegrown summer tomatoes.

Yes I can grow strawberries. The need to be covered by a fine enough mesh that the birds aren't able to get through though. My friend has planted strawberries, so I'll see how hers go first. She only lives 5 minutes from me.