Monday, 2 November 2009

To Race or Not to Race

I've decided Melbourne Cup weekend has the population of our fair city divided into three different but very specific groups of people.

The Race Goers. These people are all into horse races or the fashion that goes with it and wouldn't miss the opportunity to frock up and head out to enjoy a day of picnics and bubbly...pretty dresses, hats and well....lots of fun, I suppose.

The Stay at Hom-ers. These are the people who stay home. They're not interested in horse racing and getting away for a few days, so they stay put. They often even go to work on Monday. Because someone has to keep the city running, after all.

The Out of Town-ers. This is where we fit in. We pack up the caravan, gather up as many fellow campers as possible and take off. We don't go too far...just in case someone has to head back to Melbourne for work....but we have a little four day holiday to get us through to the end of the year and Christmas holidays.

Traditionally, the weather is somewhat iffy at best and downright disgusting at worst. This year Melbourne has weathered pretty bad storms. I got an SMS from my friend Rel on Saturday wondering how we'd managed to get on, given the horrendous weather. We've been fine. A little rain...pretty lightning and plenty of pool time for the kids!!!! The girls are beginning to look like prunes!

I'm off to enjoy what's left of the weekend.....what kind of Melbournian are you?


belinda said...

We're Stay at homers.

DH is at work today but will enjoy having Tuesday as well as his normal Wednesday off.

Glad to hear you are all having a great time.

Kind Regards

Crunchie's Mum said...

Stay at homers.

There is still an enormous amount of work to be done to get our home ready for sale. My DH starts a new job on Thursday so we will be busy for the next few days.

I would love to go camping though, its been nearly 12 months since we have jumped in the car and gone camping.


Left-Handed Housewife said...

I won't unduly burden you by asking what the Melbourne races are; I assume that they're a big event if they're enough to send you packing! I bet I'd be a stay-at-homer (but make the Man and the kids go out of town--hee! hee!).


Tracy said...

Frances, the Melbourne Cup is a huge horse race:

Melbourne gets a public holiday on the Tuesday on the Tuesday (Cup Day). Our school closes on the Monday as well, acknowledging that a vast majority of children just won't be there. Hence, we have a four day break.