Friday, 20 November 2009

Busy Little Extroverts

My family is significantly weighted in favour of the extroverts. There are three of them...and last night provided a funny little exchange, thanks to a little extroverted boy who can't fathom the idea of staying home with his dad, if there is an opportunity to go out! Especially when it's just 'the boys'. So desperate is he, that even teachers are fair game because of course, they must want to spend time with him after school!

Mr Busy: Dad, can we go to MrsC's house? I haven't spent much time with her lately.
Dh: No son, MrsC probably doesn't want to see her students after school. We can't go to her house.
Mr Busy: What about MissS? She has heaps of lego, we could go and play with her.
Dh: No mate, MissS probably has lots of things to do besides playing with you tonight.

MissS is the Head of Secondary and not one of Mr Busy's teachers. But she is renowned for her Lego collection and ability to play. She rivals the best of the kids in relation to play! And interestingly, Mr Busy had just spent ALL day with MrsC....she is his Thursday teacher!

I also learned today, that Mr Busy has himself quite a reputation. Our receptionist was telling me this afternoon that her Year 11 son pointed Mr Busy out one afternoon saying "who is that kid?". His Mum said "oh that's Mr Busy, he's cool". "Really?" says Mr Yr11 "he followed me around and talked on and on about my bike".

Mr Yr11's mistake? He made eye contact....must've grunted in the right places and that is enough for any 9yo boy to think that he has a new best mate.

The two of them both play the drums. Of course they'd be best mates!

* * * * * * * * * * *

As it happens, I was the fortunate one to spend a large chunk of today in MissS's office working on VCE textbooks and allocating all the second hand ones that I could to next year's students. We chatted a bit amongst the work and I am again impressed with the depth of this young woman's wisdom and her passion for our school. I feel honoured that she feels comfortable sharing what burdens her with me and I have the privilege of lifting her before the God who overcomes all our weaknesses and carries us through our trials.

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