Saturday, 21 February 2009

More 'Maggie' Moments

I've stolen this photo from Maggie Beer's website to tempt you!

We had another 'Maggie Moment' at dinner last night. Chook Legs in Vino Cotto. The kids took one look at the picture and said "oh you're not putting olives in it are you?". No...I wouldn't waste such pleasures on the unappreciative. I also didn't put capers in, or the raisins. Or almonds. I would've loved the almonds, but Miss Sunshine is allergic to nuts. And I used balsamic vinegar instead of vino cotto. It's what I have in my cupboard.

Despite all that the meal was absolutely delicious. The chicken was perfectly tender and juicy and the flavour was soooooo good! I served it with hasselback potatoes drizzled baked in a little bit of cream, green beans with bacon and steamed carrots. We had no plates left so I gathered my little collection of vintage plates and we ate off those. Not only delicious, but beautiful as well. The recipe is online ~ just click on the link above.


Left-Handed Housewife said...

I didn't know Miss Sunshine is allergic to nuts. So is Jack, and it takes the fun out of so many dishes. What I wouldn't do to put a few walnuts in a loaf of banana bread or sprinkle some almonds in a salad. Sigh ...


Tracy said...

You know what though? Pine nuts are seeds and she is fine with those. Hallelujah, we can scatter those on salads :)