Thursday, 12 February 2009

Sew Lunch-a-Lot

A perfect Thursday for me is a morning of stitching with my favourite stitching friends, and then lunch. Anyone will do, for lunch, but today it was with Dh. That's always a bit special.

This week I think we all hauled ourselves into our little corner of sewing bliss feeling more than a little shell shocked at the events of this week and all feeling very grateful to be safe and sound. As we sat, the owner of the Quilt Shop has had quilts, quilt tops and myriads of various quilt blocks delivered to her by mail and in person to help with bushfire relief. The finished quilts are stunning and will be auctioned online. They are well worth whatever price they end up going for. The money will go to bushfire relief. The quilts at various stages of completion will be put together and given to bushfire victims. I want to get as much of my own sewing out of the way and then I'll set my mind and my machine to that effort.

In the course of the morning we were asked our opinion of Valentine's Day. Being good Aussie women we all agreed it's a very commercialised day that is more 'American' and therefore not widely observed by us practical gals. My opinion? It was important to me when Dh & I were dating. But now that we're married we can express our love for one another any time. And hence the lunch. Yes, there was a slightly ulterior motive involved. Nonetheless, it was a lunch date without having to source babysitting for children as we would for an evening meal.

The ulterior motive was simple. A cafe in Our Town was sold late last year and reopened today, after a few weeks of refurbishment activity. Dh is the supplier for their coffee and so has spent many hours with the new owner, setting up, training staff, installing umbrellas and barries outside etc. The owner had wanted to meet me so we decided to kill two birds with one stone. Lunch ended up being 'on the house'. A very generous gesture and very much appreciated. It seems many townsfolk and locals to the surrounding area have already been in this morning.


A little fire update for those who really want to know:

The fires in Healesville and Bunyip State Park are a mere 20km apart and the DSE and CFA are working hard to put out spot fires between them and are working on containment lines to keep them separate. Should the two combine we will no doubt have a direct threat warning issued for Our Town. The winds today are North East and as a result we could smell smoke quite strongly this morning. Right now there are Awareness Messages on the CFA incident website but no Alert Messages. There are some little fires that are just being allowed to burn, as a means of fuel reduction.

I'm just starting to think that maybe our 'Fire Box' needs to go with us when we're out and about over the weekend. Maybe I'll send it home with FIL so he can pop it into his little storage room.


The Tin House said...

Tracy, our firebox is packed and ready in the boot of the car!

Your quilting group really will be so proud of the effort that goes into those works of art.

I've just now left a message with Tracy at Sunny Corner Farm to let her know that the quilt she and others made that was gifted to me last year, has been included in a donation our family made to the relief effort. I just know that someone, perhaps down the road a few weeks, will open that parcel and feel blessed at having some handmade comfort.

Lisa x

Left-Handed Housewife said...

Thanks for the update. I eagerly await the day when you no longer have to give them--I bet you do, too.

So are you hand-piecing your quilt? I haven't worked on mine in a week or so, but I'm definitely machine quilting. I'd never get done any other way!


Tracy said...

Frances, some of the blocks have been hand pieced, some machine.

When I get the whole thing together I will be quilting by hand. I have control issues ~ I don't want to send it off to the quilting people and have them do it in a way I'm not happy with.

belinda said...

Hi Tracey,

I wish you an uneventful weekend.

I have to say if you are in the area I no suspect you are... yes, please make sure that Fire Box is in the car. You may not need to evacuate but as you know if you do every minute will count.

Kind Regards