Monday, 23 February 2009

Monday's Menu Plan....Etc

We've managed to while away another weekend rather pleasantly. I was very tempted to head off down the hill to anywhere that has a General Trader shop to replace some saucepans that need to hit the recycling bin. I am rather taken with Scanpan's new 'Impact' line. Stainless steel with glass lids. Perfect. However, shopping with children isn't so fun. I also had a hankering for 'Maggie's Table' and 'Nigella Express' or 'Nigella Feasts' cookbooks the other day. A trip to Borders might be in order there. Definitely a trip requiring no children!

So I will stick with my nearly dead saucepans another week and continue my little fascination with 'Maggie's Kitchen'.

Monday: Chicken in Fig Bath (minus the figs I think!)
Tuesday: Char Kway Teow
Wednesday: Lamb Moussaka
Thursday: Honey Lemon Chicken
Friday: Fish & vegies
Saturday: Chicken Wings & salad
Sunday: Roast (whatever's on special)

Dh visited a local orchard the other day so I have an overflowing abundance of apples. I think some stuffed baked apples for dessert may be in order this week. Maybe a Plum Clafouti as well...seeing as how he bought a big bag of those too. Beautiful big juicy blood plums. Mmmmm.


Today is another high fire alert day in my area, with two big fires still going in our vicinity. Mostly it's to do with the wind speed and direction more than heat I think. In any case, the CFA website has listed communities closer to us for high alert. A good day for being close to home with the ABC radio streaming live online and having my little fire box & photo albums all prepared. Not to mention a couple of children's wardrobes where clothes need to be re-folded and put into neat piles ~ where they and I can find what they need quickly.

And after all that....Monday is the perfect day for lots of quilt sewing in between re-runs of 'The Cook and the Chef' over lunch. Perhaps another episode from Little House on the Prairie and some general tidying up and putting away of the myriad of items that end up floating about where they shouldn't. I do love Monday's.


Left-Handed Housewife said...

One of my dreams is to replace my hodgepodge collection of saucepans with a really nice set. They're expensive, though, and so I keep making do.

Hope you enjoyed those apples!


Tracy said...

The Scanpan Impact pans can be bought just one at a time...I just love that! I'll replace the ones with either no lid or a no-handled lid first.