Thursday, 19 February 2009

Revisiting the Tip

Some of you who have journeyed with me for some time now will remember this post about Mr Busy's tip of a bedroom.

I'm about to head back in there and deal with it all again. He's been very good about keeping his floor clean but oh my, you should see the wardrobe! Things are shoved all hither and thither and if you want something from the bottom (should you know that's where it is in the first place) the whole lot would fall on you. It's also a health hazard. If we needed to leave suddenly because of fire we'd never be able to find his clothes in the jumble on the shelves. The child would be naked. I wouldn't risk our safety to search for his clothes!

So...wish me well. I'm off now to risk my health and sanity to get his room back into order.


Left-Handed Housewife said...

Did you make it out of the closet alive? We have the same with with Will's closet and his drawers, which he seems to deconstruct each and every day. Good luck, stay sane!


Tracy said...

I did indeed. The recyclable rubbish bin was overloaded though.

I must confess I blew a gasket when I discovered his floor covered in toys at bedtime....I don't care if he was playing a game. There will be no playing while asleep so PACK IT UP NOW! The child will never be the same. But I can walk in there in the dark without hurting myself!