Tuesday, 24 February 2009

We're Fine

We spent the night safely tucked in our own beds right here at home. We have a family member and friends who evacuated and have spent the night with family or friends down the hill. The fire is now listed as contained although large and the number of fire trucks attending is quite small compared to yesterday. I've heard a number of helicopters go over this morning though.


Before all that 'excitement' I manage to get four and a half Courthouse Steps blocks completed. I'll finish that last one today and change the needle in my machine. YAY. It's so blunt now! Then I think I have three other machine pieced blocks to finish plus the hand pieced one I'm half way through. I feel good about being all done by next Wednesday.

I was having a little look around Cinderberry Stitches the other day. Natalie is working on a deliciously yummy project right now. I'm inspired to get back to some embroidery.....after my quilt blocks are done!


Kez said...

I'm so glad to hear that!

Left-Handed Housewife said...

I'm so glad you didn't have to evacuate. I hope the winds have changed.

Great progress on the quilt! I'm about one-quarter of the way through on piecing my blocks. I feel like it's going to take forever!


belinda said...

Great to hear that you all had a reasonably calm night.

Kind Regards

Tracy said...

Thanks everyone. You appreciate home so much more when you're faced with the possibility of walking away from it. We've had lots of stories around school today of families having people stay with them, or some having to evacuate. Others, like us, were prepared to go.

The Tin House said...


What? lipgloss is not essential?

Glad to hear you're ok. Not sure where you are exactly but our news last night wasn't particularly specific anyway. I did wonder though if the flames licking up close to Melbourne might be a problem for those on the fringe.

in the evac kit for my boys:

change of clothes
teddy bear/blankie (not packed but it's on the list)
full "winter" kit - long pants (only natural fibre), long jumper (wool is best), boots with a thick sole (school shoes are usually pretty good)
beanie - something that can be wetted and used to protect face from radiant heat

It wouldn't hurt to pack an activity bag but who on earth is thinking of that at such a time?

Lisa x

Tracy said...

No Lisa, no lipgloss. Yet another thing that would cause a rash. Given the dermatitis I'm battling with right now I'm not inclined to add to it!