Friday, 27 February 2009

Random Musings on Quilting, Fire Safety & Whatever!

This week I have discovered the pure delight of a sharp needle in the sewing machine and a new blade in my rotary cutter. Did you know that you shouldn't need to press down hard as you cut? I didn't, so old was my rotary cutter. In fact, I'm not really sure how I acquired it ~ but today it has a new blade. I feel like a new woman! I should've replaced that blade 10 months ago before embarking on my Block of the Month quilt.


We are enacting our fire plan today. Ours is to leave. Today we're leaving before any threat appears. All the schools in the Dandenong's have been closed by the Education department because of the predicted severe conditions. Our School had already made that decision on Wednesday. We have some shopping to do for Miss Sunshine....and my saucepans :) So we'll do that, have lunch and then we're spending the afternoon with some friends at their place.

Dh & I have had many discussions since Wednesday about his perception of the level of what has thinks is panic in the community. Normally we wouldn't leave on a Total Fire Ban day. There is a rather close fire to consider now, though. It's a little too close for my comfort. There have been a couple of small fires this morning, apparently, up the hill from us. I just think it would be very silly to stay when we all feel uncomfortable.

In any case, we've had a lovely little sleep in and once I get dishes done and some bills paid etc we'll pack up ONE little overnight bag each and head off. You can bet my quilt blocks will be amongst the items we take though!


I am going to buy two saucepans today. Yes I know that sounds incredibly boring....BUT.... I have one saucepan with no lid. One with a lid that has not handle (very tricky, let me tell you) and all my saucepans have cracks on the underside of the handles. So I am excited about replacing my sad bunch for a bright shiney new...couple!

The other day I also found my way to the Borders email newsletter, and upon subscribing, was given a 20% off voucher. I'll be going to find myself a new cook book :) A bookshelf full is never enough. Actually, I should take some old books down to the second hand cook book place and see if she'd like to buy any. I have a whole shelf of books I never look at.


Left-Handed Housewife said...

Tracy, you all will be in my prayers tonight! I hope all goes well, and that you will return to a house untouched by fire soon. I also hope this isn't too wildly stressful on the kids and seems more like an adventure.

I love buying new cookware! Why do we let ours fall into such states of disrepair before reinvesting? It's not like we don't use our pans every single day. Really, we should treat ourselves better!


p.s. I had to get a new rotary blade recently because I made the mistake of trying to sharpen mine. Turns out that was really dumb.

Rel said...

Rachel's Secret is posted for when you get home safe and sound :)

Angela said...

Just found your blog via frances/ left-handed housewife.
You are in my prayers - I read your blog and thought of Isaiah 43 vv 1-5 - may the Lord protect you through these fiery trials xx
blessings, angela x