Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Answers Anyone?

I'm very frustrated right about now. I've been trying to post comments on some of my favourite blogging friend's blogs and my computer just won't think. After five or more tries I've given up. Every time we plug the laptop into the modem (because the wireless at home doesn't work for some reason) my computer has a hissy fit. It takes me three or four refreshes to get a page to load up because it just freezes without doing anything. The little icon says it's thinking but I can see it's really not. If anyone has any knowledge about how to fix what is apparently an information overload problem with the modem I would so love to hear it! I'm about ready to throw the laptop into the tip and get violent with my own computer.

My other dilemma involves the kitchen. I know you'll be surprised to hear this, but I just can't seem to come up with something delicious, grain free, quick and healthy for lunches. I get home, look into the pantry and fridge and think "ho hum, it would be easier to just skip lunch". There's just only so much salad a girl can eat, and beyond that I am so completely uninspired.


belinda said...

Hi Tracy,

I might be able to help with the computer bit. Just email me at Simply . Belinda AT Gmail . Com and we will see what we can do.

Lunches I am finding are the worst.. I am only Gluten free rather than grain free so in the end I generally settle on corn crackers with cheese or something but yes inspiration is running just a little low.

Kind Regards

Tracy said...

Thank you Belinda. I'm emailing you now.

Not that it helps either of us I suppose, but it's nice to know I'm not alone with my lunch time melancholy.

Chookie said...

Soup? Egg dishes?

Anonymous said...

Does it have to be grain free or gluten free? If only gluten free then you can buy flat bread/wraps made from corn made by Mountain Bread. They are sold in supermarkets.

I often cook extra at meal times and use the leftovers for an easy lunch.

Omlettes are quick and easy. fruit salad and yoghurt is very yum.

Good luck with it all


Left-Handed Housewife said...

Oh, I hate computer frustration. I wish I knew how to help, and I hope Belinda does.


Tracy said...

Lynda, I think grain free. I've been having some gluten free food over the last few weeks, and while I've not suffered the digestive symptoms, my weight has crept up. I have fruit & yoghurt for breakfast and meat & vegies or salad for dinner so I guess I want something simple but different for lunch.

Belinda has begun asking me lots of questions in between my busy coming's and going's.

Jodie said...

All I know is that since Windows updated to Service Pack 3, I have had heaps of trouble with Internet Explorer. Try downloading Mozilla Firefox and using that as a browser. It has worked for me. Before that, lots of pages just froze all the time.

Jodie said...

One salad I LOVE is my sis in laws pumpkin, fetta and spinach salad. Roasted pumpkin cubes, pine nuts, spinach, fetta cubes and balsamic vinegar. YUM YUM.

Tracy said...

I already use Mozilla. The problem is related (I think) to plugging the laptop in to the modem, rather than the browser. But don't use you just love using Mozilla? Don't know why dh sticks with IE!

That salad sounds yummy. I'll ask you about it tomorrow morning :)