Monday, 2 February 2009

Back to School Menu Plan

This morning in less than two hours, my children will be nicely ensconced in their classrooms, returning their out-of-routine minds back to the industriousness of learning and school life.

They're ready. I'm ready!

The girls are both awake....Mr Busy is still slumbering away, oblivious to the excitement he will encounter. I'll wake him in a few minutes and then I have no doubt that our home will erupt with little-boy energy.

So what does one plan for meals on such an exciting week? A week that is forecasted to remain fairly warm, though nothing like last week?

Monday: Singapore Noodles
Tuesday: Honey Mustard Chicken Scallopine, salad, jacket potato
Wednesday: Pan fried Fish, salad, potato
Thursday: Gnocchi
Friday: Baked Potato topped with coleslaw, bacon, cheese, corn
Saturday: Lamb rissoles, bbq potato cubes, salad
Sunday: Quiche, salad, potato wedges

I can't wait until I feel like eating cooked vegies again.

The Lemon Raspberry Trifle I made for yesterday's lunch dessert was to die for. I will post the recipe tomorrow. The exquisite taste belied its simplicity.


Left-Handed Housewife said...

Happy Back to School! I hope everyone has a great first day.

Can't wait to see the recipe for Lemon Raspberry Trifle; it sounds wonderful.


Anonymous said...

Everything sounds so tasty! I hope you're getting some respite from your soaring temperatures.

love, Tina :)