Thursday, 5 February 2009

In The Sewing Room

Actually, I don't have a sewing room. I have a fold away cabinet in my family room. You know, I like it like that though. I'm sewing in the room where everyone seems to spend most of their time. And I get to keep tabs on what the little schemers are up to at any given moment. It's not ideal for the work of sewing, but the arrangement works for our family.

However...the local quilt shop has TWO sewing rooms and now that the kids are back at school, I'm back to sewing and have managed to schedule any and all work around having Thursday at least until midday to myself :)

Last night I also was back at my monthly Block of the Month class so I left everything there to come back to this morning so I could keep working with it. The picture above is where I'm at so far. A mind bending method of freezer paper piecing that is simpler in practice than the explanation would have you believe!

Between now and next month I have loads of sewing to get done so I can start putting the quilt together. Oh my, I can't believe we're at that point!!!!!! Watch out Court House Steps, you and I have a date at the sewing machine. I've completed four out of twelve.


The Tin House said...

Tracy - happy new year! I have a lot of backreading to do.

Hope you're not melted away.

My sewing/crafting has been at a standstill since before Christmas when my brother came to stay. We have a desk in the family/loungeroom that by default became my sewing space. There was stuff spread out everywhere, and so in preparation of his visit, I opened a big sack and swept the whole lot in, and hid it behind the study door.....where it remains to this day. I need to get back into it but I don't think it's going to happen today.

Lisa x

Jeni said...

i have also today just done a block of the month class...and the instructions were wrong so it really did my head yours ............

Tracy said...

Jeni, the written instructions were only half there. I'm in instruction reader so I was first to notice. Hopefully they'll remedy that by next month. What is you BOM quilt?

LISA!!!! I haven't sewed all holidays either, if it makes you feel better LOL. Good to see you about again :)

Left-Handed Housewife said...

I can't wait to see the finished quilt--I can't believe you're almost there!