Monday, 2 March 2009

Monday...You Know What That Means planning. As soon as I've finished this post and manage to get blogger to post it, I'm going grocery shopping. My list gets longer with each day that I get, past Friday!

Monday: Lamb rissoles, vegies
Tuesday: Frittata, salad, jacket potatoes
Wednesday: Chicken Parmigiana, hassleback potatoes, vegies
Thursday: Pasta with creamy mushroom & bacon sauce
Friday: Hamburgers
Saturday: Ants Climbing Trees (nicer than it sounds!)
Sunday: Nachos

Ants Climbing Trees is an Asian dish, made with pork mince and bean thread noodles. It is very easy and very tasty. Perfect for the weekend ahead, that we have planned.


Lisa from The Tin House asked to be kept updated, given the weather forecast for Tuesday. Our School has decided to close for the day tomorrow, including staff. On Friday staff worked...well...not me, but the teachers. I worked today to make up for the time I am paid for and didn't work. Then during devotions we found out that we'll be closed tomorrow....when I would normally work! So I just stayed on until lunch time and worked in the Prep/1 class, spending time with the Year 1's while the teacher focused on the Prep's. It's always fun working with really little people!

As for our plan for Tuesday? I plan to stay home. The fire from last week was the reason we left on Friday. It is no longer going and still being patrolled to ensure it doesn't flare up. I feel confident that unless a new fire starts, that we'll be just fine right here.

I'm so tired of living with such a degree of uncertainty all the time. It's meant to rain over the next few days in Victoria. Please pray that it will be a decent soaking rain and not just the pathetic little drizzle we had on Sunday, that lasted literally five minutes.


Belinda said...

Hi Tracy,

I have to say I am a bit more concerned but certainly understand your want to stay home.

I am not right now worried about any fire that has already started. I am worried, considering the conditions, this is the first time I have seen under storey bush species showing massive amounts of heat stress, about the fire that is yet to start and starts in the wrong place.

I guess the fact that even in decent conditions a fire starting in the park can be at my back door in less than 10 min makes my situation a little more precarious.

Kind Regards

Left-Handed Housewife said...

Please explain the Ants Climbing Trees dish. I'm dying to know!

Hope the deluge comes and the fires go out once and for all!


Tracy said...

Belinda, we all have varying views on what is too cautious and what is not enough. I am just so over turning our lives upside down every time some government person gives some story of woe and gloom that never turns out as bad as they predict. So over it.

Frances, Ants Climbing Trees is just pork seasoned with asian sauces, chicken stock ginger and chilli with bean thread noodles. YUM

belinda said...

Hi Tracy,

I certainly never meant to question your decision, I was simply attempting to express my concerns over my own situation. As such I am sorry if my wording lead you to feel you needed to justify your decision. I totally agree that it is something that only your family together can make.

Extreme Fire risk comes down to so much more than just the conditions on the day, it is very much about your properties preparedness, location and the frequency of access roads along with many other factors.

In my case I have a recovering back issue which would make it impossible for me to successfully defend our home if I got caught here. Our property actually backs on to steep park land, meaning in any type of windy conditions the first I will know of a fire is that it is at my back step, and I live on at the end of dead end road and all of these factors lead me to be quite conservative.

I certainly understand your feelings it was with a great feeling of resentment I left my home on Tuesday to spend another totally unproductive day away from home. No matter how I ran it through my head for my situation the risk of being here was simply too great.


Linda said...

I was interested in the dish too, found this one and hope to try it.

Thanks for the idea.

Belinda it must have been a difficult day on Tuesday for you. My husband was to be in Melbourne on Mon-Wed but his excursion was cancelled.

I think for me roads are the scariest thing too.