Tuesday, 17 March 2009

'The Shape of Mercy' by Susan Meissner

I have just finished reading this amazing novel for our book club meeting on Friday night (I'm way ahead of my reading schedule now ~ YAY!).

Rather than hash out another synopsis, you can read Rel's review of the book here.

What I will do, is say that this is an absolute must-read book. I was completely captivated by the characters. Each of the three women held my attention for different reasons. Abigail, for her reserved nature that bespoke a story worthy of hearing. Lauren, for her desire to determine what she wanted her character to be and her passion for literature. Finally, Mercy, whose diary entries illuminated a time in history, for me, that must have been truly horrendous for those directly involved. Her incredible capacity to love and forgive is inspiring and challenging.

It is rare these days, that I am able to find the time to read a book cover-to-cover without being distracted by the busy weekly routine of my life. However, by page 5 I knew this was no ordinary novel. Lauren's insightful comment that "This is the treasure the impoverished forget they have: the ability to choose a new road. They may struggle all their lives to stay on it, but at least they chose it for themselves" seized my attention and and I was captive then until I had turned the final page. I simply could not rest until I had come to the end of Mercy's diary entries and by then I needed to know what the outcome was for Abigail and Lauren's tenuous relationship. I was not disappointed.

Now I have to wait three sleeps to discuss this with the rest of 'the girls'. I'm sure it will be a fascinating discussion.


Rel said...

Knew you would love this one but still glad to have it confirmed!


Left-Handed Housewife said...

Sounds like a great book! I find I have a hard time finishing books these days, especially novels, so it's always a delight when a book really takes me in and keeps me riveted.


Tracy said...

Rel, I knew right at the start it would be a one-in-a-million type.

Frances, I have no trouble finishing books. I just have trouble getting them read as quickly as I used to. It frustrates me, because I want to read more but I keep falling asleep before I get far.

I must be getting old. I sit down and that's the end of me LOL.