Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Praise the Lord for rain. A few hours of really decent rain arrived last night. The grass has already begun to green up! There is nothing more heavenly than climbing into bed and listening to the rain as you drift off to sleep. Bliss!

Today also brought the resumption of school for us. More bliss! I spent my morning helping Year 3's to make pizza ~ garlic & cheese and tomato & basil. They are great little cooks. The teacher was in and out, as she was supervising the half of the class doing a language activity so she'd just pop out to the 'wet area' to check on us. Then of course, for me, it was up to Year 7 after that. We had a talk about some themes in the current chapter of 'The Voyage of the Dawn Treader' and how it might apply to our lives...and how we need help with some things that we can't do for ourselves, just like Eustace did. Often we need God's help to get something accomplished.

The one productive thing I did yesterday was to revisit the Flylady website for some inspiration. The home page crashed both IE and mozilla, but if I was quick I could navigate to a different part of the site and was able to surf about from there. What a wonderful blessing it is to walk into your kitchen first thing in the morning and have not even clean dishes on the sink!!!! I do my dishes every day but I don't always get them put away. Yesterday I did. Today's task is to clear off the dining room table of all the bits that need to get put away into the cabinet where we keep our crystal and china pieces.


The Tin House said...

Tracy, bless the rain!

I've visited fly lady just the once, and came to the conclusion that I'm too lazy to adhere to her excellent advice. For instance, there's nothing I love more than lolling about in my pyjamas when I don't have anywhere particular to be. I do agree with her first order - that your sink is always clean and dry. It just feels nice. spite of the bickering, it is great to know the fire threat has mostly passed, and that school is back on the menu.

Lisa x

Tracy said...

That wonderful rain is still going, off and on :)

Flylady worked for me when I was at home all the time with three little children. Now, I find it hard to adhere to. I've never been able to get back into it since we've had children in school. And I like not wearing shoes....I'd not be such a good student nowadays.

But I do love a perfectly clean kitchen. There's just something about that little gift to myself to come out to first thing in the morning

Left-Handed Housewife said...

Yay for rain! What a relief.

I've tried Flylady a couple of times, but the e-mails reminding you to do this or that ended up overwhelming me. I agree that it's very nice to wake up to a clean sink, and I'm very grateful to DH for taking care of that for me.

I also like laying about in jams, with no shoes ...