Sunday, 15 March 2009

Sunday's Productions

Floral Ironing

Today has been quite the productive day Beyond My Picket Fence. Above is my brand new ironing board cover. The old one had really gotten beyond a joke with it's stains, rips and useless elastic. So I got to and put this piece of fabric that I've had stashed away for just this precise project to its intended purpose. Was it really May last year that I found it? Goodness time flies.

In the kitchen while the rain poured, I've iced a slice with melted chocolate and made a batch of chocolate biscuits. With Miss Mischief's chocolate coconut balls already in the fridge from yesterday, I do believe the family's sweet tooth is well and truly taken care of....for now.

No rainy Sunday is complete without a spot of reading ... 'A Cousin's Promise' is almost finished so I will be working on the review for Rel as soon as I'm done. She handed me another two books this morning, one from a new author, so I've more treasures to explore very soon!


Left-Handed Housewife said...

Hope you're enjoying the rain--are the fires finally out for good?

I did a lot of sweets baking this weekend--but it disappears so fast! It's tempting to stock up on cookies from the store, but I'm trying to keep things homemade around here ... why do I do these things to myself?


Tracy said...

Yes the fires are out! Kinglake & Bunyip Ridge are no longer listed on the incident website. The rain is just wonderful.

We only have homemade baked goods here. It's too expensive to keep my family in bought bikkies and cakes. Besides, I can't stand the thought of feeding them all the artificial nasties that come from big manufacturers!

Anonymous said...

I love that fabric for the ironing board cover! I don't care what any one sayd: prettiness around you helps lessen a boring chore. You did well...


Tracy said...

Thank you Glenys. I have to say, it is a joy to use an ironing table that doesn't catch the iron on the strategically placed rips!