Monday, 30 March 2009

Last Week of Term 1 ... Menu Planning Day

My daughters are both home from camps. I was never more relieved to see one of my children than I was yesterday when I picked up Miss Sunshine from her Girls Brigade camping trip. The contrast between the two girl's camping trips was stark. I wasn't even terribly concerned about knowing where Miss Mischief was staying. I knew she was perfectly safe and as well cared for as if I were there. Miss Sunshine's was another story. I had no such confidence. At least nothing I could base any on.

So, last week of term. We finish up on Thursday and have parent/teacher interviews that evening and all day Friday. I've scheduled mine for Friday morning. All. Morning. Two for the primary kids and five for the one secondary kid. Oh my goodness!!!!! I have an hour and a quarter just talking about one child. There's got to be a better way!

I've planned my meals and I have to say I'm not feeling all that inspired about them. Maybe that's just my frame of mind, and not the meals themselves though LOL.

Monday: Fish & Vegies
Tuesday: Lamb meatloaf, vegies
Wednesday: Honey Soy Chicken, vegies, rice (a hold over from the weekend)
Thursday: Singapore Noodles
Friday: Ricotta fritters, vegies
Saturday: Honey Lemon Chicken, vegies
Sunday: Tuna & Rice (to get Mr Busy off my back!)

Rel mentioned the other day that I hadn't posted many recipes lately. I don't suppose I have. I've gone half way this week ~ I've linked my menu with whichever recipes I have available. When I decide how I'm going to make that lamb meatloaf I'll post that recipe. I'm thinking something to do with cranberry sauce and fresh rosemary.

After all that, can I just say I love my old keyboard? I swapped the oh-so-fancy wireless keyboard Dh got with the computer when we upgraded quite some time ago with my trusty old one (with better buttons!). The fancy one was never as smooth as the old one. You'd hit a key and it may or may not actually allow itself to be pressed down. Very frustrating when you're typing in PIN's and passwords.

This morning I plugged in the old one and voila. We have dependable speed typing again!


Rel said...

Oh, the power I have - hehehehe!!

Tracy said...

LOL Rel. I aim to please.