Thursday, 19 March 2009

Torn Between Two

One of the greatest gifts I have been blessed to receive is the friendship of some very beautiful women. Friends who are 'real'. Women who share their struggles, ask for truly honest opinions and who care enough to freely offer their heartfelt advise. It is truly precious to have friends to whom you can turn and say "I need whatever wisdom you have to offer about ..... ".

Last night I felt truly torn between two sets of amazing friends. In the end I went with the first invitation that came. Although I know I missed out on some wonderful conversation with women I love to spend time with, I was truly blessed to have been where I was.

Lots of our families at school attend quite a large church that is relatively local to Our Town. A couple of times a year they run a women's evening. I've only been a couple of times, but each time I am blessed to hear from whomever is speaking. These are just ordinary women like me who are willing to share their journey with God. I seem to relate best to hearing people's stories and so although her story is vastly different from my own experiences, I felt challenged and encouraged by the lady who spoke last night about her story.

What better way to spend an evening, than to be with good friends (and as it turned out, family!), enjoy a cuppa and a delicious light snack, and to have been in the presence of God.


Rel said...

We missed you, too! Glad you had a great time. We are working on a date for a movie escape - LOL!

Our Red House said...

It sounds like a wonderful evening. Female friends are an amazing thing, aren't they?


Tracy said...

I'm going to bring my diary tomorrow night so we can sort that out Rel. I'm looking forward to it. Nearly SMS'd you at about 10.30pm LOL.

Yes Kate, truly amazing.

Left-Handed Housewife said...

What a lovely dilemma to have! Normally I'm torn between two things I really don't want to do in the least! LOL!