Thursday, 12 March 2009

Kerfuffle and Hullaballoo

This would describe half a Year 3 class while cooking!

Now that the class has settled into its routine without a student teacher, Mrs R and I have also settled into our very busy Wednesday morning of cooking with the kids. Mrs R supervises the children who are doing the language activity and I supervise the cooking group ~ they swap over each week. This year the Year 3's are in the lower primary building that encompasses a wet area with an oven and kitchen facilities. It works our beautifully for a seamless working morning of cooking and classroom activity.

Yesterday we made Feta and Spinach pie. We went out to pick the silverbeet leaves from the vegie garden (easily interchangeable with spinach) and then headed back in to create our pie. The kids all have a very hands-on role and between us all we get it done, share our creation with the entire class, as well as the Head of Primary and usually the Principal.

I've also had my first serious altercation with a little boy who is ...... somewhat challenging. I had to pull him aside in two separate incidents and explain to him that arguing with me when I had given him an instruction was unacceptable and outlined the consequences, should he wish to continue that line of behaviour. He's going to be dynamite when he gets to secondary school!


50sgal said...

MMM, beat leaves and feta, how yummy.

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