Monday, 23 March 2009

This Week's Madness & Menus

It feels a bit like madness anyway! Miss Mischief is heading off on her school camp today. She'll be back on Wednesday so things will be quiet around here for a bit. She's the quiet one, but you only have to take any one of the three out of the picture and life gets dull .... er .... peaceful ... um .... there's a whole in the family. Then Miss Sunshine will be away working on her Girls Brigade badge on Saturday night. It's just going to be a strange week kid-wise.

We finally took a little drive out to a town about 30 minutes from here yesterday, so I could investigate a couple of walks for our Women's Retreat, which is coming up all too fast. I found a beautiful walk along the upper Yarra (where it's a nice flowing happy little river, rather than the sludge it becomes closer to the city). We can walk up one side and down the other, enjoy watching the duck playing and paddling upstream and the walk itself will not be prohibitive to anyone. Mum and I are going to go back there today and spend some time at a patchwork shop that is also a tea house. I didn't think Rel would cope too well if I saved that for Retreat and dragged her through there! I'll indulge myself now instead.

Anyway, without further ado, this week we'll be dining on the following feasts:

Monday: Lamb Chops & Cranberry sauce, vegies
Tuesday: Mr Busy's choice
Wednesday: Roast Chicken
Thursday: Soup & homemade bread
Friday: Chicken & Veg pie, vegies
Saturday: Honey Soy Chicken, stir fried vegies, brown rice
Sunday: Homemade Pizza...Miss Sunshine's lesson on making dough will come this week.


Rel said...

LOL! You know me well :) But for you I'd do it anyway!

Sounds good on the walk front!

Tracy said...

That's very generous of you Rel. But I wouldn't torture you that way LOL.