Tuesday, 24 March 2009

Ready, Set....

I'm stuck on 'set' until the mail man arrives. Tomorrow.

Last week I took a plunge I never thought I would take. I enrolled in a Certificate 3 course for Teacher's Assistants. I have managed to find a TAFE college that delivers this course via external study (ie distance education) and the course is nationally recognised. The TAFE is in Western Australia! Although similar courses are run in Victoria, I would have to attend classes and that just doesn't suit my work commitments or my family's needs. The TAFE I've enrolled with have been excellent and very efficient in replying to emails, phone calls and mailing things out to me. I was very excited to discover I don't have to wait until semester 2 to start! Because the course is self paced I can start immediately.

So, I've received some information and an initial exercise to 'demonstrate my commitment to the course'. It was just a little thing, so I completed that and have it in the car ready to send off. I'm just waiting for the Learner Guides to wing their way across the Nullabor and then I'll be able to get started.

This year seems to be full of "I never thought I would....". Here I am being paid to work and am about to embark on study after 21 years of being beyond that phase of life. They are two things I never imagined for myself 13 years ago when I became a mother.

Apparently 'old dogs' can learn new tricks!


belinda said...

It certainly does seem to be a year of change for many of us.. so glad that yours are positive ones.

Kind Regards

Kez said...

Well done to taking the plunge! Good luck :)

The Tin House said...

Way to go Tracy!!!!!!!! This is very exciting news.

I coordinate a distance ed course at the uni and it does take a bit of doing to ensure good communication with students who are so far away. Fortunately though, email and online forums make the task a lot easier.

Having that certificate will make you all official won't it!

Lisa x

fi said...

Go you Tracy!!!! I know you will do very well!

Luv Fi

Anonymous said...

How exciting Tracy! I just know you're going to do really well too! :)

Rel said...

Well, there you go! And I do recall you saying also, oh, I couldn't write reviews.....

Wishing you the very best with all you do

Love and hugs

Tracy said...

I'm still eagerly awaiting my parcel....maybe tomorrow?!

Thank you for all your encouragement ladies. You may need to remind me of this on challenging days!

Rel...I think I need to stop saying "I don't think I could....". I seem to end up doing exactly those things LOL.

Left-Handed Housewife said...

Oh, that's great news! Good for you! Let us know if you need help with your homework.


nolene said...

This is fantastic and very exciting! You have a gift for this and I have no doubts you will do well and enjoy it too. Way to Go!