Tuesday, 17 March 2009

The Wrapper Free Lunch

Our lunch boxes have been transformed in the last six months. First it was our sandwiches. We use the tupperware sandwich boxes now. Last week during Wrapper Free Lunch week I bought new snack boxes. We are a completely plastic-free-lunch-box home.

Last year when we started talking about this in the classroom I was horrified at the manufacturing process and then the waste issues associated with plastic wrap. I'd not thought much about it before then, it was just something you did ~ using glad wrap on lunches, that is. However I was deeply challenged to change what we did. Our difficulty has been finding boxes that fit into the insulated lunch boxes we use. The sandwich box takes up a fair bit of space. Granted, homemade bread is hard pressed to fit into them, but it doesn't leave much room for another rigid container in there.

Last week in Safeway I found the perfect little container. They were the right base dimension and deeper than the decor brand containers. These boxes fit salada crackers, homemade biscuits...whatever it is that we snack on at school fits, and in turn the containers fit in the lunch boxes.

For those of you whose children take lunch to school each I would encourage each of you to take up the challenge of going as wrapper free as you possibly can. It's a really simple way we can each take care of the world we live in.


Rel said...

Yep, we have been wrapper free for a couple of years now give or take the occasional desperate use when one can't find a lid to match the bottom of a container :)

Suffice to say I am still working through the plastic wrap I bought from your hubby when he first started out - LOL!

Left-Handed Housewife said...

I've been working on wrapper-free lunches this year as well. It's easier with Jack, who can open the containers without any problems. Will has a harder time, so I still send his lunch in baggies--however, he brings the baggies home at the end of the day and I wash them out. So we're getting there!


Tracy said...

Yes Rel....five years and I'm only on my 3rd roll of plastic wrap. I think this one will last longer than any of the others.

Frances, would he be able to open those ones with the handles that click down to seal the lid easier? We still use ziploc bags for grapes...and wash them out too.

Jodie said...

This whole area also challenges me greatly. I don't know how to live without zip lock bags!!!! I'll have to come and have a chat and have a look at what you do.

Tracy said...

For me it was about finding the right containers. I have two per child for snacks so we can rotate and wash.

Yep...the containers are usually still in their bags the next morning. I'm not that with it LOL.