Wednesday, 8 July 2009

Houston, We Have A Problem

My random musings this morning have centred around two things.

A very close and dear friend, whose father passed away on Monday night. I feel quite useless and words feel quite inept in trying to express the depth of my heart for her. So I shed a tear or two on her behalf (cos I'm a sook) and pray constantly that God will truly be her comfort and strength, particularly as they travel to attend the funeral.

Interspersed with those thoughts and on a completely different tangent...because life never stops despite us wishing it would for a day or two....I'm feeling very grateful I live in a country where we have Little Fix-It Men who happily take my money when they visit and repair my appliances. Since we moved into this house just shy of 4 years ago, we've had the washing machine, fridge, heater and oven seen to. And the deep freezer really should be seen to, but we've been able to do without it just fine. On Monday I will have someone come and have a look at my dishwasher.

All the indicator lights on the control panel gave up the ghost months ago. But it was still working fine and I just had to remember to put the rinse aid in without being reminded. But now the start button has decided it's had enough as well. You can't start the machine if that 'start' button won't work!!! Being a water-wise Melbournian the dishwasher, of course, was fully loaded and ready to do its work. Today I will have to do those dishes by hand...UGH.

So I will welcome the Little Fix-It Man who comes to visit me on Monday and welcome his experise readily....and then bleed a fair amount of money for the privilege!

I wonder if Mr Busy can 'help' and save me some money again, as he did when the Little Fix-It Man came to repair the fridge!

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Left-Handed Housewife said...

Oh, I hope Mr. Little Fix-It Man can fix it! I'm so glad we have those, too--especially because our Mr. LF-I actually charges reasonable rates.

I'm so sorry to hear about your friend's dad.