Friday, 17 July 2009

Still in the Land of the Living

Bet you though I'd disappeared! Well, I haven't. I've just been back at work. Normally I might have been inclined to get blog posts done in the morning, but I've been trying to get the last of my course work done for the current group of subjects so I could get it sent off. Then I've been dashing out the door to get to school in time!


It has been a really productive couple of days though ~ I love working with our Prep teacher. She is so inclusive and always willing to share her insights or understanding of why we do what we do. No question of mine is too silly!

The Prep classroom is all set to go, with all the 'Water, Water Everywhere' paraphernalia having been replaced by 'Transport' themed door signs and literacy group titles. We now have bus drivers, pilots, sailors and motorbike riders instead of seahorses, star fish, sharks and mermaids. Pencils and textas have been sorted and sharpened if necessary. New posters have been put up and the classroom is just waiting for little people to come and do so serious (but fun) learning!

Now for two days to get the washing up do date and everyone all prepared to start back next week. The secondary students will be participated in 'Creative Arts Week' and from what I understand they'll be working on a track through the school's bush area with plans for an outdoor classroom, rest benches along the track and significant plants and trees being named. It'll be a wet muddy week, I suspect. Miss Sunshine will need to take heavy duty boots....and salt in case of leeches!

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