Tuesday, 21 July 2009

A Little Excitement

I tell a lie. It's not a little bit...it's a lot of excitement! I'm excited for two very good reasons. Firstly we're going to spend some time with one of Dh's brothers, and their oldest son. When you have family members living overseas, time together is rare and precious, and something we all savour deeply.

Secondly and far less profound, I am desperately excited about not having to cook dinner. Sad, but true! We'll be dining at a Chinese restaurant.....45 minutes away. There's a whole other post! One which is better not aired, methinks. I had a little meltdown the other morning on a brain-fog day and Dh has managed to wangle an earlier start time than originally organised.

Right now I'm focusing on a great meal and time with family and not the challenges associated with the joy.

* * * * * * * * * *

Speaking of challenges, the Year 3's are learning 'joining writing' this term. My student spent the morning yesterday saying "This is so hard". To which I responded "Yes, you're right. It absolutely is hard, but in no time at all you're going to be great at this because it just takes a lot of practice". Today he is already correcting little techniques that he struggled with yesterday.

We have some lifetime family friends who have started their oldest two children at our school this term. Beginning at a new school is always daunting but they both looked like they were revelling in the joys of the day. They appeared to be thoroughly engrossed in playing with new friends and 'sucking the life out of every moment', as Miss Sunshine's Year 5/6 teacher would put it.


Left-Handed Housewife said...

I share your excitement in not having to cook dinner. I often make two-night meals, and am always thrilled on the second night, when I remember dinner is already cooked! You can imagine how even more excited I get when I don't have to cook in the first place because somebody is taking me out to eat ...


Sandra said...

Well I could go for some Chinese food :)