Wednesday, 29 July 2009

The Uphill Plod

I tried about 5 times to write a post about my week. It just comes out all whiney and sooky. Suffice it to say I've been trudging through some challenges to do with the logistics of my day(s) at school and I'm feeling a little tender about those specific things.

The flipside of it all is that I work with people who are incredibly caring and supportive. Mrs B, who I work most closely with, is an angel and a blessing in the midst of the challenges I'm seeking to overcome. Her desire to ensure my sanity and ability to cope are like rays of sunshine in what might otherwise threaten to be days of stormy clouds.

Of course, the rest of the staff are encouraging and supportive too. I'm learning that when this squeeky wheel needs some oil, those who need to hear it are all more than willing to figure out where the oil needs to go. talk to my children about their before-school expectations!!!!


Kez said...

{{HUGS}} Tracy.

Rel said...

I hear you, Trac :) We need to book in that weekend away and soon - LOL!

Jodie said...

I really think the jump to almost full time work is a HUGE one Tracy! I've been thinking about how I would cope and the answer is not well! You're spreading yourself over a much larger area and it's going to take some time for the stretched fabric to lose some tension and "fit right". Does that make sense? Anyway, I think you're amazing and the huge smile on your little charge's face as he sang in assembly the other day was such a blessing!

Crunchie's Mum said...

Hi Tracy,
I hope this cheers you up a little. I have nominated you for a Sisterhood award. You can pick it up at

I work part time but sometimes the hours are more full time. When this happens I've learned to let go of some things and concentrate on the important stuff - food on the table and clean clothes (especially school uniform). The rest can wait.


Tracy said...

Yes we do Rel! I'm keeping that weekend at the start of holidays free and have even counted ahead to make sure I'm not on music. How desperate does that sound LOL.

Jodie, that does make sense. Thank you!

Lynda, it's not the home stuff that's stumping me. It's things like taking my recess and lunch breaks. I got half of each today. Better than none, but still needs some work.

The Tin House said...


having recently completed a stint of part time work, I'm profoundly amazed at how any mother can do more; so kudos to you.

Breaks during the day are 100% essential - even if they're not as long as they should be. It's the quality of the time-out that's important.

regarding the crock pot - I am still very much in your pre-love it mode. I bought one earlier this year with everyone around me raving about them. Everything I've cooked in it so far, other than chicken stock, has been awful. It doesn't just gently bubble away, going rather more hammer and tong, and I'm thinking it might be faulty.

Lisa x

Tina ♥ said...

Sorry to hear you're feeling a bit blah just now.

I'm sorry you haven't received the giveaway parcel yet...I sent it a month ago!! I hope it hasn't got lost or something. Maybe it will arrive today, you never know!


Left-Handed Housewife said...

I don't think I could manage a part-time job right now without falling to pieces, so I'm impressed with your efforts, even if right now you're not feeling like everything's in sync. Things will get easier, I bet. I'm glad you've got supportive people around you--lean on them!


Tracy said...

Lisa, the new crock pots cook a lot hotter than the old ones. I rarely ever use mine on high and yet the new ones seem to be set at that level for their 'low'. If yours has a keep warm function, you might try that and see if it goes a little slower. I don't do chicken in mine because I just don't like it in the CP. Beef and lamb are much better. They seem to take the longer cooking time better.