Friday, 19 December 2008

Fridge Update

I found a very prompt, gentleman who altered his route for the day to come and see to our fridge before another job he had scheduled. He came within an hour of my call and has been and gone. The fridge appears to be doing the right thing again.

I, of course, am a few hundred dollars lighter for the experience....but the lovely man assured me that our fridge was worthy of repairing as it is one of the good ones. It's about 16 years old and was built back in the day when things were made to last.

Mr Busy has also provided my first experience of children saving parents money! As the man poured warm water over the defroster, which was covered in ice, Mr Busy sat behind the fridge and scooped out the water from the collection point at the back. He saved me half an hour's worth of labour. I love that boy.

I'm collecting myself quite a little gathering of repair and service people this year. If you want a good plumber/gas heater repairer or a whitegoods repairer, I have some lovely men that have visited promptly, repaired appliances and offered sufficient advice so that they don't have to come and visit so often. As nice as they are, they're not cheap! Cheaper than a new appliance though.


Left-Handed Housewife said...

Yay, Mr. Busy! I bet he thought it was lots of fun. And it would have been so dreary for you ... All a matter of perspective, I suppose.

Glad you got your fridge repaired so quickly!


Felicity said...

Oh that is very good news!!