Friday, 12 December 2008

My New Skill

I learned something new yesterday. Predictive text on my mobile phone. Mum clued me in to the little secret I needed to make it work for me. It is so much faster! Yes folks, I have caught up just a little further in the advancement of technology!

Predictive text has always baffled me because I couldn't figure out how to make it go for a different word if the one that came up was wrong. It's all about the little button in the left hand bottom corner. What a shame I don't get that many SMS's LOL


Dh is happy and Mr Busy is the most excited 8yo boy on the planet. We got the car back after being fitted with gas and a different spare tyre mount. Just in time for Dh to be out all over the countryside today making deliveries and installing coffee machines. Poor Dh has come down with Mr Busy's cold and is quite miserable. It's a pretty nasty one, although Mr Busy seems to breeze through it. His only complaint is that his tummy hurts. I keep telling him it's all the gunk he's been swallowing....he still eats three weet-bix for breakfast so he can't be too sick!


Cabbage Heart said...

Oh yuck I cant stand that selective text thingy, can never work it out so opt for the slow way typing all words myself or just abv them.

secondofwett said...

Well, good for you....I always get so frustrated if my cell phone accidently goes to predictive text....just can't get the hang of it, although my oldest son swears by it and thinks I'm foolish for not using it!

Rel said...

LOL!! Told you it was easy peasy!

Tracy said...

You inspired me Rel. Watching you the other night speeding through your SMS made me think "well...really, it must be not as hard as I think it is".

Cabbage Heart and Second of Wett, that is exactly what I thought. The bottom left hand button (the *) will take you to the next word in the dictionary. Mostly it will come up with what you want. When tapping out your word, you just hit the key of the letter you want once (rather than up to four times to get the right letter).

Ta Da!

secondofwett said...

Thanks for stopping by. Bush flies,'s funny that you liken them to a plague cause I've been thinking the same thing the last few days!

Left-Handed Housewife said...

I'm proud of you for learning some new technology! I am pretty much in the stone age, especially when it comes to my phone. I know how to answer it and how to hang it up. That's it. Pretty impressive, huh?


Tracy said...

LOL Frances...that's what is important after all.