Monday, 29 December 2008

Last Menu Plan for 2008

What a momentous week for menu planning! The last one for 2008. Being well into the throws of summer now, most of our meals are focused around the BBQ and eating salads. Besides the fact that it's too warm to cook inside, quite often, we all get the can't-be-bothered's.

Monday: Corned Beef, vegies
Tuesday: Vegetarian Enchiladas, salad
Wednesday: Lamb Rissoles (garlic & rosemary), salad
Thursday: cold corned beef (leftover), salad
Friday: Singapore Noodles
Saturday: Either take away or cold meat & salad
Sunday: Warm Lamb & Feta salad

For those of us Aussie's who are attempting to avoid heat, I'll be posting some favourite salads this week.


Left-Handed Housewife said...

Just popping in to say Happy New Year before we head out of town. Your tree is beautiful, and this week's menu looks delicious. Hope Christmas was wonderful for you and your family!


Tracy said...

Thank you Frances. Our New Year's Eve was....very different. Christmas was lovely. Holidays were everything we anticipated :)