Friday, 26 December 2008

Merry Christmas


I hope you have all had or are having a very special time with each of your families, celebrating the birth of Christ together with people you love.


For us, Boxing Day has dawned clear and sunny. We have had a wonderful Christmas. Now we look ahead to three weeks of Dh being home for summer holidays. If my presence here seems a little scant and scattered, it is because the lure of family and the excitement of summer fun together will be more than a computer could possibly hold!


Rel said...

Merry Christmas to you! Missed not being at church but really needed the extra time with the family all over. Sorry about the books - lad they got to you!

Lotsa love:)

Aprille Roberts said...

Merry belated Christmas Tracy! I'm glad you are having a wonderful holiday with your family.

When you have a moment, I think I have decieded to try the stuffed pork roast that you talked about. This is a pork loin, and is very lean, so it will not have the crusting that you talked about, but maybe I can at least try it. It is a long, lean, cut of pork, and I'm just not sure what is going to work with it! I was kind of hoping to do something maybe in the crock pot, but I'm open to whatever (as long as it's good! LOL!) Do you think that maybe this could work in your Irish Stew?

Don't feel like you have to rush to get back with me, I understand about how hectic things can be and trying to have time with your family.

Sending lots of love around the world to you!...

Aprille :0)

Anonymous said...

Have a wonderful summer Tracy....enjoy every moment! :)

Rachel said...

beautiful tree! :)