Friday, 19 December 2008

Christmas Decorations

My Christmas decoration of the house is probably considered quite scant for Americans, and not so far from normal for Aussie's. We basically only decorate one room ~ the front lounge room, where we open our gifts of Christmas morning. Dh & the kids put the tree up last Sunday while I was napping. I feel terribly guilty...but I was so glad to have missed that one. I find the event quite stressful, with three more than energetic children going full bore at the task. It's not yet the gentle and tranquil thing I have in my mind that it should be.

This morning I've finished off my decorating. My mother made us a wall hanging quilt, that gets hung in front of the fireplace ~ which is unused during summer months and so quite a reasonable place to put it! It makes the fireplace look more festive! We each have a little pocket with our names on it.

I also found this very cute little set of nativity figurines when we were visiting Bright in the middle of last year. They have a Christmas shop in the little town there and these little people just wouldn't let me leave without them. They also have a fabulous toy shop there. Better than any I've seen down here, apart from Geppetto's. So my little people sit on the coffee table in the lounge room.

My decorating is done.


I've just discovered that my freezer is not freezing anything apart from already frozen meat. The meat is the only thing not defrosted. The fridge contents are not feeling quite as cold as they should.

I'm off to drag out the Engel to freeze things and phone some fridge repair people. Talk about timing :(


Joy said...

What a coincidence ... our freezer decided it had 'had enough' last night too!!! Fortunately it's just a seal so I'll be off to hunt for one today.
Love your Chrissy quilt, and your nativity set is darling too ;o).
PS the 'word verification' is "sockings" ... almost festive, don't you think LOL!!!

Tracy said...

You are definitely the lucky one. A new seal would be easy...and cheap!

Left-Handed Housewife said...

I'm all for the decorating one room and leaving it at that (I just learned this about myself this year).
Simple is better, isn't it?


Tracy said...

Oh yes Frances, simple is definitely better.

I've never been inclined to overboard with things like this. I'm usually more likely to buck the system when it comes to stuff like this. It comes, I think, from having spent a few years with a fallen coconut palm branch as our Christmas tree, in a country where buying decorations was not easy to do!

Bria said...

So nice..! That little set of nativity is really very cute. Merry Christmas..