Tuesday, 9 December 2008

Square Peg in a Round Hole

Actually it's more like round peg in a square hole, isn't it?! This is the latest quilt block from my Block of the Month class last week. We're into hand piecing again. This is one of those blocks you simple cannot do by machine. Going slow, one or three stitches at a time makes easing those curved pieces a lot easier!

We have one more block to go in February, and then we'll be putting the quilt together!!!! What an incredibly efficient way to get a quilt made within 12 months!


Felicity said...

I've loved reading about your quilting. I have a goal to make one for myself in the next couple of years. Maybe just a lap quilt.. :)

Rel said...

Hey Trac,

Great posts as usual! Time is flying by, isn't it? Miss C has her Prep orientation today, which is :) and :(!

Actually was up most of the night with her with a nasty cough - off the Dr as well.


Tracy said...

Felicity, can I recommend doing a block of the month class somewhere? The class I'm doing is set up so you learn/make a block in class and then make three more at home in the month before the next class. It's working beautifully!

Rel time is wizzing by me here too. Mr Busy has a runny nose and a cough too. Something must be doing the rounds :( I hope they both keep those bugs to themselves!

Tracy said...


Tracy said...

Not at all Tracy. It's easy peasy. You clip the lower curved edge and ease it in....and with the hand sewing it isn't a problem to do.

If you can make clothing you can do this.

The Tin House said...

Tracy - what an amazing quilting challenge to put all these little bits together over a year. I'm not sure I'd have the patience to stick with it.

Well done on the op shop skirt - see - there was more than one reason you didn't buy it at Target.

And so glad grad night was such a success. I was only thinking that my boy who turns 9 soon, is nearly halfway to 18.....eeek.

Lisa x

Tracy said...

LOL Lisa. Mr Busy has been asking how long til he can get his license since he was just five. ~sigh~